Want to write for us?  You are welcome!

Does writing excite you? Do you have interesting ideas for articles? Do you wish to be a writer and would like to see your articles/blogs featured on a website visited by thousands of people at an international level? Or looking to add some weight to your resume? Here is your golden chance! We at Indian Mirror invite you to send us your articles/blogs which we will feature on our website if we find your content interesting enough!

A snapshot!

Some of the categories under which you can submit your articles and blogs are fashion, Bollywood, education and career, health & fitness, food and drink, technology, new trends, travel, sports, fictional short stories, parenting, relationships, society, automobiles etc.The very purpose of our website is to create value in reader’s life, to make a positive difference in their thoughts, to bring happiness, to give them interesting information and so on. If you think your write-ups can also do the same then let’s get started!

Basic submission guidelines

  • Depending on the quality of your article/blog, we will accept it and the word limit can range from 500 to 1000 words. And if we find your article too interesting then we can even create special space for your article in our magazine.
  • Make sure there is something interesting, catchy or different in your write-up for it to get published.
  • Make sure the write-up you submit to us has never been featured before on our website.
  • The write-up should be original and should have no copied content from anywhere. Before even going through it, we check for its originality.
  • Write-ups should be genuine.

Benefits of writing for our website

  • You will get a by-line writer’s name and a link to your bio for your featured article.
  • You can become a member of our editorial team.
  • Accessibility to thousands of readers.
  • Receive valuable writing tips from our expert editorial team from time to time

What are we looking for?

Writing is surely an art and it does take efforts to write a good article/blog. Just knowing the perfect grammar is not enough, one has to have some creativity, a fine balance of sensitivity, flair, wit etc to write something which is a good read. So what we expect is quality.




Worth your consideration

Before you send us your article just think if it is really interesting or will make a good read and will interest people. If your article or blog is not just information taken from the internet? Have you contributed something to the existing information and can tell more than what the facts are telling? Just think about all such things before you approach a topic for an article/blog and write on it. It will not only help us choose your article but will also help you carve out a nice for yourself as a writer!

What to keep in mind!

• Go through few article/blogs already featured on our website so that you can get an idea of what our readers enjoy reading and what kind of writing style we appreciate.
• Never lose sight of the audience. The important thing is to help others grow and it would be great if you can contribute to it.
• And at the end of the day you yourself should be proud of what you have written.
• And not to forget about perfect grammar, clarity in the content and well organised- that’s what your article/blog should not fail to reflect.

Selection process

After you submit your article/blog to us, our editorial team will review it and that might take maximum a week. Your article /blog will go through a screening process and hence we hold no promises of publishing it. If its quality matches the benchmark we have set for ourselves, then we will publish it for sure. After its approval, we will inform you.
Note: After your article has been featured on our website, then we will become the owner of that article. No further copyright will be acceptable.

How to submit your article?

Make sure you submit your articles/blogs in a word document. Your write should have a separate title. And if you wish to send us the images complementing your article, make sure they are original pictures and have not been taken from the internet. Attach your word document in your email and sent it to us

All the best for your articles! We look forward to your contribution to our website!