We all must have experienced the blissful feeling of love at some or the other point in life. You were ready to do anything and everything to win the heart of that person. Falling in love with someone and being in a relationship with that person is like stepping into a wonderland! However, as we move ahead in the relationship, with most of us it is no longer a hunky-dory story of a wonderland wherein the couple lived happily ever after. As the realization that we are not on the same page or the partner is not reciprocating the love as we expected dawn upon us, we wonder what wrong we did that our relationship is on the rocks.

If this sounds familiar to you then most probably the reason can be you became “too available” for your partner. You sacrificed everything to be with your partner and ignored other aspects or important things in your life. And you realized it when it was too late. It is mostly a woman who makes a man his priority and becomes too accommodating and available. Anyway, whatever is the case; remember to maintain your individuality.

Here are some useful tips for being in a relationship without compromising on your individuality:

Love yourself
Someone has aptly said that if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love others. Loving yourself doesn’t mean being selfish. It means accepting yourself, cherishing yourself and show confidence in yourself. Self-esteem reflects on you. Such people who know how to love themselves in the right spirit definitely attract the attention of others. They are liked in their social circle.

Your happiness is your responsibility
Whether you are in a relationship or not, always look for happiness within. Don’t depend on someone else for it. Figure out some activity which you love the most and pursue it. Master it so much that you can take pride in it.

Cherish your alone time
Take out time for yourself outside of your relationship and be thankful for this alone time.

Reflect on yourself
Catch yourself if you find the signs of making the person you have just fallen in love with the center of your existence. Loving someone is different from making someone the only reason for your existence.

Never give up or ignore your other social relationships
It is often seen that women when in love with a man, she ignores or even give up her other social relationships. It happens with men also. They stop giving time to their friends and the activities they like. Value your other relationships and hobbies too and give time to them and be who you are. Many people respect such quality in their potential partner. It also shows how balanced you are in life.

If you are not in a state to answer or reply to a call, don’t
There are times when we go through such situations or low life condition when we don’t feel like answering a call or replying to message from our significant half immediately. It is absolutely ok to not do it. Don’t be in a hurry to always reply to the messages immediately. Some people do so in the fear that the partner might get negative about it and may even end the relationship, so you have to be on your toes all the time. Respect your feelings and needs too!

Give personal space to your partner
Space is always healthy for a relationship. Just because your partner wants to go out with his or her friends, has to stay back late in the office or hang out with office colleagues doesn’t mean he or she is losing interest in you. Give freedom to your partner and let him or her be himself or herself.

Don’t over-think things
Don’t get tempted to give meaning to something that is not even there. Overanalyzing everything that your partner says or does is something you must always refrain from. And in case you really feel things are not working out and you are completely exhausted, then talk it out with your partner and if the good lies in putting an end to the relationship, then do it. Don’t be in a relationship by pushing yourself.

So reflect on yourself and your relationship. Be yourself and let your partner be himself or herself!