Not everyone loves dogs. But those who do, adore them and love to be around them and find them uber cute. But is there an age when they are at their “peak” cuteness?

A new study reveals that when the pups are weaned from their mothers and look for caring human beings, they look very cute. Researchers say that the “optimal age” of puppy cuteness could vary between 6 weeks to 8 weeks of age. This is the time when their mothers leave them and they are sent out of the den to lead a life in their own way. This is the time when puppies are most attracted to human beings.

Cute and cutest
Dogs are said to have evolved from wolves, but there are notable differences between the two. For example, wolf puppies remain under the guidance of their parents up to the age of two years, while dog puppies are uninhibited by their mothers at around 6 to 11 weeks of age. Due to this early abandonment, there is a high mortality rate among puppies that are not under human care.

Few studies have shown that those puppies that have baby-like features like large eyes, a round face and a small mouth are considered cuter than others who do not have such features.

A new study was conducted on a group of 51 student participants. They were provided with photos of puppies at different ages, from birth to 7 months old belonging to breeds like Jack Russell terrier, the Cane Corso, and the White shepherd. They were asked to rate the animals’ on their cuteness quotient.

Researchers examined the results and found that the attractiveness towards puppies were lowest at birth, highest before 10 weeks old and then declined for aged puppies. They also found out that Cane corso puppies were rated most adorable at 6.3 weeks, Jack Russell at 7.7 weeks and white shepherds at an age of 8.3 weeks.

In addition, the participants were given still photos of puppies and were not asked about their familiarity with these breeds.

Experts clearly mentioned that this study does not mean that people abandon their dogs after they don’t find them cute or stop loving them after 8 weeks. The eight-week point is the point when the puppies attract us the most to fulfill their need of being with humans. All said and done, the bottom line is that we all love our pets and will continue to love them all their lives.