How many of us actually think about our feet and legs? We feel that as long as we are keeping them clean, upright and are able to walk, they are functioning well. The fact is that the state of your feet and legs can reveal a lot about our overall health. Surprised? Read on to know the common feet issues:

Do you have itchy, small, burning, red swollen patches on your toes which become increasingly painful over time? Well, this could be due to your body’s incapability to adjust to cold temperatures and poor blood circulation.

Athlete’s foot
Those people who stay in warm, humid and dark environments like swimming pools, steam rooms and showers are prone to develop fungus between their toes or anywhere on their foot. It is important to always protect your feet by wearing natural fiber socks and taking a good anti-fungal treatment to keep the infection in check.

Fungal Nail Infections 
The fungus mainly thrives on the rich keratin source. It develops on the skin beneath your nail surface and then attacks your nail. Such infections could lead to discoloration and crumbling of your nail. Generally people who suffer from chronic diseases are prone to develop this infection.

How to find the right pair of shoes?
As our feet play a vital role in our ability to move, we must take full care and precaution while selecting the right pair of shoes for us according to comfort and safety. Each shoe has an intended purpose and is made for a reason.

When choosing shoes, make sure they have adequate width and depth in the toe box with some support and a small heel.

Let us have a look at some of the most common health problems caused by wearing the wrong shoes, and remedies to get rid of them:

1. Bunions and hammertoes
It is advisable to use buttress pads and opt for orthopaedic shoes for comfort. Seek surgical intervention, if you find no physical relief.

2. Blisters
Blisters occur when there is a lot of moisture and friction in your shoes. Best is to choose a pair of shoes that fits correctly and, if necessary, use pads or plasters that protect the skin.

3. Corns and calluses
Corns can be very painful and need to be operated in most of the cases. These are caused by a mechanical stress load on your feet. In some cases, they will always come back. One needs to take advice from a podiatrist.

4. Stinky feet
Stinky feet are caused by increased moisture. Experts say that our diet plays a significant role in reducing the toxic content in the body and controls the odour through sweat. To avoid stinky feet, one should wear good fiber socks and start using a foot powder to keep the feet dry.

5. Foot spasms
Muscle cramps and jerks in your feet and legs can cause lots of discomfort and should not be ignored. Such a condition arises due to a deficiency of vitamin D, iron or magnesium in the body.

We suggest you to exercise regularly and keep your feet in a moving state. Always choose the most comfortable pair of shoes for your feet. Keep them dry, healthy and free from infections.