It is quite common to build strong bonds of friendship with our colleagues at workplace. Since we spend most of our time in office with our colleagues we become open to them and talk about many things, share even our personal life with them. However, certain topics make for not-so-good workplace conversations. It is ok to discuss things with our co-workers but we must refrain from discussing few topics as they can create a negative environment in the office, make things awkward and even unpleasant.

Here are the 6 topics that you should avoid discussing at the workplace:

  1. Salaries
  2. Office relationships
  3. Your boss
  4. Your personal relationship or issues outside of work
  5. Why someone was given more liberty than others
  6. Religion

These topics of discussion are not healthy for the workplace and are also not viewed as professional. Such topics may also cause unpleasant and awkwardness situations in office. If you want to create a friendly and healthy working environment and uplift the spirit of co-workers to get along well, you must ensure you become a good example for them and set some ground rules.

Negative conversations at a workplace can lead to low morale of the colleagues.

Some people talk about religion so casually at a workplace that they don’t realize that it is such a sensitive topic. It is a topic you should be very careful about while speaking or commenting. Faith is something very personal and nobody would like to justify it to anyone. So make sure you refrain from giving any negative opinion about anybody’s religion. Of course, you can talk about yours and how you celebrate the festivals but don’t get into any comparison of your religion with other’s religion. This can offend you colleague big time and might cause negative feelings inside him.

At times when we are going through some problems in our personal lives, we so naturally discuss and share things with our colleagues (the ones we are close to) and sometimes even your boss. So what do you think they will think? It is quite possible that your senior colleague or the boss may think that your personal problems are distracting you from your professional work even if in reality it is not. And you might become a subject of gossip among other co-workers if they get to know about your personal issues.

In case you have any health issues, physical or mental, there is no need to share it in details with your colleagues. Of course, health issues are not to be ashamed of but sharing it openly with your colleagues may cause them to question your productivity at work. It might cause doubts in their mind. So share only very limited information if needed or you may even choose not to share at all.

Well, discussing salaries at workplace seems to be the most sensitive issue. Have you ever pondered if you are fairly paid in your organization or how much your colleagues are earning? It is a natural curiosity but at all cost, you must avoid sharing or discussing salary information with your colleagues. It can cause tension or hard feelings among them and even resentment towards the management. It can demoralize you and your colleagues. Some people might draw conclusions based on such information and your office friends may feel forced to lie about their salary. There can be many unpleasant situations which can arise out of it.

So refrain from discussing such “sensitive” topics at work and do your best and bring out the best in others for a fulfilling professional life!