Although one may feel that children love spending on toys better than going on a family vacation as they get bored within a few days but research suggests the opposite. Child psychologists are of the opinion that family vacation are not just enjoyed by kids but they get ingrained in your child’s memory for a long time afterwards.

Children love playing with new toys but more than that, they love spending time with their parents and getting all their attention. Often, parents may feel that it is not worth taking your child on a vacation when the child is very young but it is not so. Your child cannot express him/herself but he/she definitely likes the change of location, as long as he/she is getting food timely!

Children love the funny and senseless moments spent with parents. They can play as long as they like. Parents too, are more stress-free and unoccupied and are able to give more time to kids. In fact, most of the times, kids never find it very easy to return from a family vacation.

Another research shows that traveling with kids is beneficial for the brain development of kids. They learn about new things, new places and they have so many new experiences. A different physical environment offers various new things to learn about.

Family vacations are also a time to strengthen the parent-child bond. You are completely yourself, no hurry to go to office, no cooking to be done and you’re completely available to your child. Being stress-free and away from the hustle-bustle of the monotonous daily routine, you too, are able to enjoy the company of your child and watch him/her have fun.

Image a family on a vacation, having fun together, eating their favorite food, chilling in a pool and enjoying a quiet walk in a park. These are valued by children way more than toys, even if they do not admit it. Most kids may throw a few tantrums when they are on vacation but they will definitely ask you about the next vacation the moment they reach home. You might be surprised to hear stories of a vacation long after it took place.

Research also proves that these experiences work as the fertilizers of the brain and enhance various brain functions such as concentration, planning, attention and stress regulation. They also improve the overall mental and physical health of the child along with the ability to learn. These in turn, lead to increased IQ in children and enrich their knowledge.

Family vacations also help to increase the happiness a child feels. In a survey conducted in 2015, most people remembered their happiest moments as those when they were on a family vacation and many also said that they used those happy moments to take them back in time and cheer them whenever they felt sad.

So, it is very important for parents to plan vacations for kids every now and then and make it a point to take them to different kinds of places to give them various different experiences.