With so much going on around us, it is very easy to get affected by negativity and lose hope. Everyone is in a constant competition to win and make a mark for him/herself and in doing so, we tend to make others feel inferior. All this sends out negative vibes.

A person experiencing negative energy invariably spreads it to everyone around him/her but it is up to you to protect yourself from these negativities.

Here are 7 common types of negative vibes and ways to protect yourself from them:

  1. The Complainers
    These people always have something or the other to complain about. Even if there is something good, they will dig it and find something negative or bad in that too.
    How to Protect yourself – The best way to protect yourself from such people is to not listen to them. Just move away from there or plug in your earphones and listen to some nice soothing music.
  2. The Underminers
    These people always try to create problems for others. Just as you think you’ve got through a problem, they will go ahead and create a series of obstacles for you so that you don’t get out of that situation.
    How to Protect yourself – If you can find a loophole and let everyone else know how this person is creating problems; nothing like it. Or else, just tell the person the next thing that can go wrong and he/she will be super confused!!
  3. Fear
    Fear of the unknown has been man’s greatest fear. If you start fearing things, you will be afraid of everything, be it the weather, the economy, people, germs etc. and there is no end to it.
    How to Protect yourself – Tell yourself that god is with you and that you have nothing to fear. Trust in god and yourself is the best way to overcome fear of the unknown.
  4. The perpetual victims
    This kind of people always find fault with themselves or think that they are inappropriate in some way and so things won’t go their way.
    How to Protect yourself – Just chant some holy mantra and apply holy oil behind your ears to disallow this person’s negative energy to pass on to you.
  5. The Joykillers
    Irrespective of how great and how big an achievement someone has made, these people make all efforts to make it feel worthless and crush the happiness of the achiever.
    How to Protect yourself – The best way to stop such people from ruining your happiness is to interrupt them. It doesn’t matter what you use to interrupt them but by doing so, they will not be able to spill water on your joy.
  6. Indirect victimization
    Often, the family and friends of self-destructive people bear the brunt of all their negative energy in spite of the fact that they were never the real victims.
    How to Protect yourself – Make use of sacred geometry to ward off the negative energy and protect yourself from the bad vibes. Clean your aura and protect the places where you sit and sleep.
  7. The Guilt Trippers
    Even you put in all your efforts but you don’t do it this person’s way, it is just not worth it. This person will not accept any of your work and find fault in it unless you do it a certain way.
    How to Protect yourself – Flaunt a gold ring as it symbolizes luxury, destiny of self-creation and simplicity.