Do you dream of walking like a diva on the ramp? Whether you are new to modeling or have gained some experience in this industry, physical balance, inner confidence and a sparkling personality are all the prerequisites to become a successful model. Be the star of the ramp by following these tips for that perfect walk:

Few people believe that catwalk is simple and quite easy to learn. They might not be aware of the perfect posture and style to be followed. Experts say that it might take a lifetime to master the art of walking perfectly on the ramp. Also, Catwalk is not cakewalk. One needs to have both outward and internal calibration to have a perfect walk.

Next time when you hit the ramp, slay it like a star with these 7 Tips for the perfect Runway Walk:

  1. Maintain a perfect Posture: While walking, you need to keep your back straight in such a way so that your legs can go first. Also, do not turn your toes and keep them pointed forward. Then walk with one foot in front of the other.
  2. Hips: No need to get into hip swaying. Your walk will automatically make your body move naturally.
  3. Arms: Let your arms swing naturally. Do not keep them too swift or too lose. You can choose to carry something in hand or choose to hide your hands in a pocket as per your attire.
  4. Attitude: Always be confident, commanding and flirty. Make your presence felt on the ramp. This will keep the audience entertained.
  5. Rhythm: Get into a rhythm and let the loud music motivate you from within. Although do not get distracted by music and hold your head high and keep your shoulders back.
  6. Eyes: Never look down. Always look straight into the cameras or pick a spot on the wall so you won’t get distracted. A small distraction can make you fall and ruin your look.
  7. Posing: When you reach the end of the runway, pause for a minute, lean on a bit and pose with lots of attitude. Stay calm if cameras try to capture you.

Follow these simple tips to look beautiful, confident and stylish. Always remember that it is your walk, attitude and oomph factor that can make those expensive designer clothes gorgeous and stunning.