The sneaker is one thing that is a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Since fashion changes every now and then, so what kind of sneak should you invest in this year. Since we are not endowed with a fashion crystal ball (although that would be awesome) let’s see what the fashion experts have to say. Emily Gordon-Smith, head of fashion at Stylus (it is a company that deals in innovation research and advisory that determine consumer behaviour about what people might be shopping for in the future. So here Gordan Smith reveals the five important sneaker trends most of the people will be wearing in 2018.

Stay ahead in fashion with the following sneaker trends:

  1. Muted Tones and Exaggerated Soles
    The white sneaker will be relevant and famous in 2018. These will be upgraded with an exaggerated moulded sole forming an overblown silhouette. A muted palette of pastels, whites and some metallics give an ultra-modern look. Minimal detailing is done on them such as bias frill.
    Key Buy: Pastel shoes.
  2.  Shoes for Fashion, Not Fitness
    You would be surprised to know that In the U.S., around 75% of sneakers are bought for lifestyle and aesthetics rather than comfort and performance. Adidas is doing great in this field. Authenticity and classic designs and colours (red, white and blue) are the keys here. They are true to the trend towards ‘sports for fashion, not for fitness’. It has won the hearts of both the sports buffs and fashion consumer.
    Key Buy: Adidas Originals Superstar Metallic-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
    These sneakers are still popular and you must have them in your wardrobe.
  3.  The ’90s Influence Fails to Waiver
    Nostalgia still has a great impact on designs of sneaker. The 90s was famous for its over-the-top, chunky trainer silhouettes (like the Steve Job’s shoes) and neon flashes. They are available in colourful and playful looks.
    Key Buy: Nike Air Max ’95 LX
    If you don’t like a bold colour, you can go for the 90s silhouette in a muted colour.
  4. “Ugly” Sneakers
    “Ugly fashion” has again come back in fashion and it is here to stay. Reflecting TV pop culture from the 90s, it gives nostalgia its biggest makeover. Clunky is in fashion, complimented with dirty, greyed-off finishes. This style is already adopted by big brands like Gucci and Balenciaga.
    Key Buy: Stella McCartney Eclypse Faux Leather, Suede and Stretch-Jersey Sneakers.
  5.  Female Sneakerheads Take Centre Stage
    Big brands are making female customers their priority when it comes to sneakers.There is a growth in the market for female sneakers which is influencing designs and colours. There is a move towards unisex styling. Puma is doing great in this area.
    Key Buy: Fenty by Rihanna Cleated Creeper Suede Sneakers

So choose the one that best fits your personality. Happy sneaker shopping!