Most people love pets. They love to pamper them and take care of them but there are some distinct differences between dog and cat lovers. It’s not just limited to the difference in the choice of the pet, there are some stark differences that have been noticed.

Let’s take a look at how dog lovers differ from cat lovers:

  1. Dog lovers listen while cat lovers don’t – In a surprising observation, it was found that dog lovers listen to others more often and readily and are more obedient. They follow all the rules more clearly, while cat lovers prefer not to follow the rules and mostly, are non-conformists.
  2. Cat lovers are smarter than dog lovers – In a very interesting study, it was found that cat lovers are more smarter and intelligent as compared to dog lovers. This was also proved with the help of an intelligence test. But that doesn’t make dog lovers any less intelligent!
  3. Dog lovers are more lively – Dog lovers are lively, friendly and more energetic as compared to cat lovers. Cat lovers are not as lively and friendly.
  4. Cat lovers are more open-minded than dog lovers – Another interesting study has shown that cat lovers are more open-minded people as compared to dog lovers. Well, that doesn’t mean, dog lovers aren’t open-minded but cat lovers are more so.
  5. Dog lovers love people more than cat lovers – Dog lovers love people and enjoy a lot in the company of others. They love to socialize and make friends. They take their pets to the park and meet other people and their pets. On the other hand, cat lovers don’t like socializing as much.
  6. Cat lovers need affection while dog lovers just need companionship – A research by Live Science has shown that cat lovers seek lots of affection from their pets while dog lovers only seek the companionship from their pets.
  7. Cat lovers are more sensitive than dog lovers – A study has shown that cat lovers are more sensitive as compared to dog lovers. Dog lovers aren’t as sensitive.
  8. More people like dogs as pets – According to a study by Live Science, 60% of people preferred dogs as pets. On the other hand, only a small chunk of 11% preferred to keep cats as pets. There was another set of people who said that they would either keep any animal as a pet or not keep any!
  9. Cat lovers prefer to be alone – According to a study by the Modern Dog Magazine, almost one-third of cat lovers love to stay alone in an apartment while dog lovers would rather stay with their family in a house or a bungalow.
  10. Dog lovers are dominating – Research has shown that dog lovers are dominant and possess qualities such as persistence, self-confidence, assertiveness, and forcefulness. On the contrary, cat lovers possess lesser number of such qualities.

Do you have a pet? Which pet do you prefer? Share your preference and the reason for the same.