Let’s face it, all women love wearing high heels but man, we all can’t bear the pain afterwards! At least, i’m scared of wearing them since I just can’t stand the pain. Well, the truth of the matter is that many dresses in our wardrobe are incomplete without high heels. High heels accentuate the look of many dresses and they definitely add height to a woman of small stature.

However, as mentioned above, the pain makes many women choose otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t wear high heels and need to dump the gorgeous pairs in our wardrobe!

Well, ladies, here are 8 hacks to wear high heels without suffering from any pain:

  1. Buy the right shoe size – Many women make the mistake of buying the incorrect size of shoes. Your shoe size doesn’t always remain the same. A woman’s shoe size changes after having kids and after she starts to age. So, always make sure that your first measure your foot and then pick up the correct shoe size accordingly.
  2. Know your foot type – Just visit a podiatrist and decipher your foot type so that you can find out whether you have a high-arch foot or a flat foot. You can also do so by putting your wet foot on a construction paper and checking the impression. The same method may also be used to find out why a person is having pain in the feet.
  3. Go for a thicker heel – Thin heels like stilettos can make your feet ache more if you wear them on a daily basis. Once in a while for a peraticular dress, it is ok but avoid wearing them every day. If you wish to wear heels to work every day, choose thicker heels so that your feet don’t ache.
  4. Choose platforms over thin soles – Platforms heels are always more comfortable as compared to thin soled heels as the pressure gets divided in case of platform heels. And if your platforms are made of rubber, they also absorb that pressure!
  5. Don’t wear heels for too long at a stretch – Do not wear your heels for a very long time at a stretch. Even if you’re going to be in them for a few hours, just take a break in between. Remove them for some time and give rest to your feet and then you can wear them again.
  6. Stretch your feet once you take off your shoes – Once the ordeal is over, remove your heels and stretch your feet. You need to stretch while pointing your heels down and then pulling your toes up as much as you can. This will provide a lot of relief from the pain. A lil massage can also be of help!
  7. Choose a shoe with more coverage on top – Shoes that provide more coverage on top are much better than those which don’t. These heels will not bother you even if you wear them for the entire day. Especially in the summers, you can choose heels that have an ankle strap or ones with a big wide strap that goes across the top.
  8. Use over-the-counter shoe inserts – You might want to make use of ball of the foot pads – metatarsals, which are especially marketed for high heels. These are oval-shaped pads which go under your foot and help to get rid of the soreness.

Hope you’re able to wear high heels much more comfortably now!