There are some people we meet, who always seem to be happy. Everytime you see them, they have a smile on their face and they have something to be grateful for. They are always optimistic and give a lot of positive vibes. They are full of life, highly energetic and very enthusiastic about anything that they do. It is simply hard to believe how a person doesn’t have any problems at any point of time. How can anyone be happy all the time?

Well, it isn’t all that difficult! Although happiness is believed to be a state of the mind, it actually is a state of the heart. It is completely up to you to believe and feel the way you want.

Here are 9 ways by which you can also feel happy more often:

  1. Be the reason for someone else’s happiness – There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the joy on someone else’s face after you make a small gesture for them. It gives you happiness from within.
  2. Do things that make you happy – Spend time doing things that make you happy and do these more often. At times, we are so over-burdened with work that we are not able to do things for our own happiness.
  3. Surround yourself with people who are happy – Many people have sad, grumbling and negative people around them so they need people who are happy and cheerful. Happy people not only make you feel positive and happy, but also teach you to be positive yourself.
  4. Do more of happy talk – Make your conversations revolve around the happy and positive stuff. Talk happy things. It will also make others happy around you. Just imagine how do you feel when you meet someone who keeps on cribbing and talking negative things all the time.
  5. Always think of challenges as something fun – Instead of feeling bogged down by a problem, just think of it as a challenge and how you can solve it. Think of it as a puzzle and have fun solving it.
  6. Think about good and happy things – Just shift your thoughts towards all the things that make you happy and the things that you are grateful about. Focus on the positive side of things and soon, this will become your way of thinking at all times.
  7. Be like a child who is always happy – Bring out the child in you since children don’t hold back their emotions, are more happier than adults and find happiness in the small things of life, which we often take for granted! They feel happy singing a song, dancing away or just feeling the breeze on their face.
  8. Make the most of each day – Each day has something positive, something to be grateful about. Each day has at least a moment of happiness in it. Be it just a phone call from a friend, resolution to a problem or a conversation with your parents, just make the most of each day and enjoy each moment.
  9. Stop your inner critic from thinking bad – The good and the bad, both come from within, so whenever your inner critic says something nasty to spoil your mood, just tell yourself to stop and think of something good – like a best friend’s advice, a funny conversation or a compliment and thank god for all the good things.

Hope the above tips fill your life with happiness!