Do you dream of having long, beautiful and shiny hair? Due to stress, pollution and abrupt lifestyles most of us suffer from severe hair problems which leads to baldness sometimes. There could be other factors like age factor, hormonal problems, genetics, medications, unbalanced diet etc. which could also affect the quality of hair. Consuming a balanced diet can be a solution to many problems. A proper diet rich in minerals, proteins and essential vitamins can help to strengthen roots of your hair.
So, below is a list of food items that you can eat to nourish your hair:

Protein rich food
Since hair cells are made up of protein, a good portion of protein in your diet is enough for your hair. Protein helps to strengthen the scalp roots. Eggs, pulses and almonds are considered as one of the richest sources of protein, which makes hair grow faster.

Iron rich food
Iron is essential for your hair cells. Liver, fish, meat, spinach and other green leafy vegetables are good sources of iron and make hair strands stronger by enhancing their growth.

Mineral rich food
A diet rich in minerals helps to nourish your hair inside out. It also helps your hair to regrow naturally. Nuts, dark leafy vegetables and whole grains can be consumed on a daily basis to ensure faster growth of hair.

Foods rich in fatty acid
Fatty acids are essential for your hair. It helps to improve the hair quality by thickening it and making them look shiny. Foods like Almonds and walnuts contain enough high fatty acid for your hair.

Foods rich in vitamin
Vitamins make your hair look shiny and glossy. They produce natural oils for your scalp. Natural oil can also prevent your hair to get dry and lifeless.

– Vitamin A – Foods rich in Vitamin A like carrot juice must be consumed regularly to strengthen the hair cells naturally.
– Vitamin B – Biotin is a good source of Vitamin B. Including whole grains in your diet is an easy way to obtain biotin for your hair.
– Vitamin C –Food rich in Vitamin C like lime and other citrus fruits can enhance quick hair growth. Include them in your diet every day to strengthen the roots of your hair.
– Vitamin D – Foods rich in Vitamin D are important to improve the thickness of your hair, reduce damaged hair and enhance the growth of new ones. Make Fatty fish, egg yolk and cereals a part of your diet to get enough portion of vitamin D.
– Vitamin E – Absence of Vitamin E in your diet can make your hair brittle. Avocado is a rich source of vitamin E that helps to strengthen hair and reduce hair loss.

Rather than spending huge amount of money and time in the salons, it is better to consume a diet rich in vitamins and minerals for the growth of healthy, long and lustrous hair.