Are you a dreamer? Well, if you love dreaming and wonder how they are related to your life, it is time to maintain a dream journal for a period of time and try to understand their occurrence and significance.

Dreams are based on our daily concerns and the circumstances of our lives. Dreams creatively provide us creative solutions to our problems, help us to resolve our emotional conflicts and provide us a glimpse at the nature of the soul.

Although theorists consider dreams to be some kind of garbage or the debris of the mind being cleared out before morning, yet a lot of journals explaining the dreaming process has been published.

Let’s have a look at certain  rules to know as to what our dreams mean and try to understand  the dreaming process a bit more.

Rule 1: Dreams offer an opportunity for Growth

Every dream conveys a hidden massage. The presence of fragments, symbols, images and signs carry a meaning and appear in our dream for a purpose. They are directly or indirectly connected to the dreamer’s life, concerns, emotions, attitudes and subconscious beliefs. Therefore, all these elements are required to be explored further to understand the message. It is also important to identify the potential growth opportunity from the dream content.

Rule 2: Every Dream Has an Intended Message

It is wrong to say that dreams do not hold any meaning. They make sense and contain hidden messages. Therefore, every dream communicates something valuable. According to dream experts, dreams can have multiple meanings, which might be not true. Never apply too many associations to a symbol in a dream, as it may deviate you from the original message of the dream.

Rule 3: Learn about the Metaphorical, Beautiful, Mysterious and Meaningful symbols hidden in dreams

Most of the times we fail to understand the symbols we see in our dream. Each and every symbol acts as a metaphor for a larger idea. They have a personal association and may represent a thought or a feeling. Its meaning can only be understood by the dreamer. For instance, the presence of a particular flower might remind the dreamer of a deceased friend who loved the flower. Certain symbols are associated with feminine qualities of beauty and love while presence of others might symbolize some old lost relationships.

Rule 4: Not all Characters in a Dream are real.

Sometimes we see a number of characters in our dreams. Not all characters represent parts of our personality. They may represent others.

Rule 5: There is no bad dream

Not all bad dreams are literally bad. Nightmares should not be perceived as something horrifying. They can be warnings and may signal that we are ready to start working to clear away the things that deeply bother us. One must remember that by confronting the demons, terrorists, villains or even ghosts in our dreams, we are conquering our inner fears that paralyze us.

Rule 6: Try to unfold the hidden meaning in your dream rather than leaving them unopened.

Each symbol in a dream is precious and should not be left unopened thinking of it as trivial. Dreams are full of symbolic information from the depths of the soul. Every part of the dream must be investigated and valued.

Rule 7: Try not to manipulate the outcome of your dream

One should understand that dreams come from an intelligent source. Their occurrence is due to a purpose or to share a message. Never try to direct or control the dreaming process. Lucid dreamers  are the ones who try to control the outcome of the dreams by mastering their subconscious. One must not interrupt or control the process and allow dreams to flow naturally.

Rule 8: It is said that Wisdom Is derived From an Intuitive mind

Wisdom is the product of intuitive understanding. Experts say that messages in dreams must be decoded with an intuitive mind rather than being analytical. Take the help of your close friends and family members to understand the hidden messages in your dream .