Most people wish to have a luxurious bedroom with a beautiful decor but all of that is of no use if you aren’t able to get a sound sleep at night. A welcoming bedroom is much more important than having a stylish one.

However, nowadays, the quality of one’s sleep is also affected by the type of lifestyle a person has, the schedule he/she follows and the amount he/she spends on gadgets. Research has shown that people who spend more time on their smartphone just before going to sleep, do not get a sound sleep for a long time.

A good night’s sleep is of utmost importance in order to rejuvenate the body and get it ready for the next day. On an average, a person needs a minimum of 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep in order to revive the body. It is very important for your bedroom to be styled in such a way as to ensure a good sleep.

Well, here are a few things that you can do to style your bedroom, to get a sound sleep each night:

Choose the color scheme carefully

Your bedroom should have a blue-themed color scheme as it ensures best sleep, according to a study.

Hide all the light

However much you like the sunlight, you should be able to hide all light at night. You may use thick curtains or a set of blinds in order to do that.

Have a headboard and bed frame

Feng Shui suggests that you have a good headboard and bed frame since it makes you feel safe and provides support. You may opt for a traditional wooden headboard or an upholstered one.

Avoid using your bed for storage

Most of us are in the habit of using the bed for storage purposes but Feng Shui advises that there should be ample space underneath the bed, so that energy can flow.

Place your bed in an appropriate position

According to Feng Shui, your bed should not be placed directly in line with the door of your room, however, it should be such that you should be able see the door even while sitting in bed.

Avoid too many bright lights

Have some dim lights in your bedroom that can be turned on during the evening to set the tone and to remind you that it’s time to go to sleep.

Go green

Add some plants to your room. Not only do they help to improve the air quality but also make you feel peaceful and closer to nature.

Keep your room clutter-free

Too much of clutter, messed up stuff can raise the levels of the stress hormone in the body. As much as possible, keep your room clutter-free. Arrange things where they belong and you’ll also be relieved to see a clean room!

Add some sleep noise to your room

Play some soothing sounds in the room while you’re going to sleep. Most of these sound options are easily available on online stores. You may even get a sleep projector with stars and moon.

Avoid distractions

Your television should not be kept in the bedroom. It is better to place it in the living room. This way you will not lie down in bed and watch too much TV till late night!

Wake up slowly and gently

The way you wake up is as important as your sleeping routine. Instead of simply jumping out of bed and running to work, wake up gently with a soothing morning alarm, such as birds chirping and give yourself a minute to brush the sleepiness aside.

So, the next time you’re designing your bedroom, just remember our little advice and we guarantee that you’ll get a sound sleep and will wake up refreshed everyday!