Humans possess the unique ability to lie. We, however, lie often and sometimes give silly excuses to hide it from the other person. Humans have a tendency to categorize the lies based on the account of circumstances. While some lies are said in an effort to be kind to someone; deliberate lies can hurt loved ones or can tear apart lives.

How can you tell if someone is lying to you? Few people have the natural quality to spot lies. Our conscience constantly alerts us on hearing lies from people we are close to and love than we are in strangers.

Try to observe Body Language Clues

Professionals such as detectives are perfect at spotting lies. They are trained to understand the body language clues that help them ascertain when someone is lying. From micro-expressions to changes in tone of voice, are the key areas that they consider to catch lies.

Someone who is lying will generally choose to look away from their questioner or look uncomfortable. While on the other hand, an innocent man may look normal and talk confidently to prove innocence. There are few cases when an entirely innocent person may behave like they are stressed knowing that you think they’re lying. One needs to be exceptionally observant and fully trained to understand body language clues.

Intuition can detect a lie

Our very own intuition alerts us and becomes our biggest ally when it comes to detecting lies. Most of us are able to sense minute changes in behavior or actions of people we are close to. If our family members, close friends, colleagues or a lover talk in a different manner, it immediately makes us realize that something’s wrong. The change in their behavior could be due to some kind of fear, discomfort, anxiousness, nervousness or physical disability. Or they might be doing it deliberately to genuinely hide something from you. Whatever the scenario is, your intuition will alert you to the fact that something’s not quite right.

The Confirmation trick

Try to ask your higher self or guides for confirmation. Look for a sign or a signal which you might have thought in your mind to see if your friend is lying. Try to spot those signs as soon as you step out.

Telepathic Practice

Experts say that Telepathy is the ideal way to tell whether someone is lying or not. It is not easy to build a direct connection between your mind and someone else’s. It takes a great deal of practice to do this. One needs to be patient and intelligent to look for an answer to the question “Are you lying about this?”