In this technologically advanced age, kids are introduced to sophisticated gadgets like IPads and iPhones at an early age. Sooner or later, they spend most of their time encircled by technology and can spend hours and hours playing games and using other fun apps.

The best time to educate children to code is when they are small and have the ability to grasp well. There are several products available in the market that claim to educate kids to code.

Read on to know about the top beneficial apps and websites you can use to motivate your kid about coding without any prior experience:


Scratch was developed by IT professionals from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The game is best for kids from ages 8 to 16 and for those who love to code.

Kids can learn about games, animations, and interactive scenarios that can be shared with other active members of the Scratch community. This game has something in store for people of all age groups.

It is an internationally acclaimed game that is available in at least 150 countries and has received funding’s from several known establishments.


Minecraft is a top-rated game and its videos are one of the most viewed gaming videos on YouTube.

This blocky and pixelated game keeps the children entertained and occupied at the same time. They also learn the essentials of coding.


Kodable is an entertaining game that helps kids to learn the basics of programming. The game is ideal for children from kindergarten to fifth graders. For beginners, the lessons are simple and involve only basics. Using interactive tools and tips, children are encouraged to learn the programming concepts of JavaScript.

Hackety Hack

Hackety Hack focuses on educating the kids, Ruby, in a playful and fun manner. The game emphasizes on helping children who want to learn about how to make software. This software is best for people who do not have any programming or coding experience.


The Tynker app is an excellent interactive tool to instruct your child to code. Using this app, kids can learn to create anything from Web applications to custom games to actual hardware. There are a number of puzzles, interactive tutorials, exercises, and much more to help kids understand the basics. Using icons and visuals, kids can become expert programmers once they progress through the puzzles and games


Hopscotch application is available free of cost in App store and is suitable for kids from age 9 to 11. This app educates your kid to create simple games and pixel art. Kids can participate in different tasks to further enhance their skills and join a community where they can pose questions when they run into any hurdles.

In this technology-driven community, programming has become a top career choice for engineers. Using interactive apps and websites, kids can be introduced to coding at an early stage. These apps use a playful method to teach young ones about the basics of coding while having fun.