In today’s world where everyone is running at a fast pace to achieve their dreams stress slips into the daily route so naturally. In fact, it seems to have become an inseparable part of our life that even we have started taking it as something natural. At some point or the other, we all talk about it and its causes. However, when it comes to managing stress there are many of theories write ways such as meditation, yoga, outdoor swimming, incorporating certain food groups in one’s diet, and even a course of CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy).

One of the interesting things about the ways preferred for reducing stress these days is that experts are now recommending ancient natural resources to treat anxiety and stress rather than prescribing drugs and major lifestyle changes. One of the major ancient natural resources for treating stress is the newly discovered group of wonder herbs- adaptogens. These are the plant extracts which have been used in ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to beat the stress. Now they are fast gaining popularity as the natural cure for curing modern day stress.

Adaptogens are found in the roots of certain plants like turmeric. It works on the regulation of the stress hormone called cortisol released by the adrenal gland in our body. In a way it balances how one’s body responds to stress and hence helps one sleep peacefully, regulate one’s mood and makes one feel more energized when one wakes up in the morning.

Jodie Brandman, a nutritional therapist, says “Adaptogens help your body adapt to difficult periods of your life and environmental stresses, they bring your body back into balance.”

According to the reports of Pharmaceutical science journal several clinical experiments have revealed that adaptogens can cause an anti-fatigue effect – show improvement in mental attention, work capacity and endurance.
The good news is that several adaptogens are found in their plant form and are easily available in grocery shops and supermarkets. You can consume them without following any strict diet or exercise routine. They are also found in the form of supplements.

Naomi Buff, the founder of Naomi’s Kitchen, which sells adaptogen superfood blends that can be easily added to smoothies and teas, says “They’ve been used for thousands of years and are all 100 percent natural, and because they’re biodegradable they go straight into your system and make you feel a lot better really quickly.”

In today’s world where almost everyone is going through anxiety and stress, we can turn to these adaptogens for better health. But one must consult a doctor before taking them because certain adaptogens may not be suitable for people with certain conditions.

Some of the best adaptogens you can choose from are ashwaganda (a famous ayurvedic herb, cordyceps (an energy-boosting mushroom traditionally grown in China on the bodies of caterpillars – though it’s now cultured in a lab), maca (a root similar to ginger that increases energy, strength, and libido).

You can incorporate adaptogens into your daily diet through 6 different ways:

Turmeric: You can use it in its raw form, infuse in water or blend in milk/smoothie.

Ginseng: Drink ginseng tea.

Goji berries: Eat them raw or blend them in juices or smoothies.

Liquorice root: As per nutritionists it can be best consumed as a tincture. Put few drops on your tongue in the morning.

Maca powder: You can add it to your cereal, yogurt and smoothies.

So let’s try out these wonderful herbs to get rid of stress!