In the past few years, many organizations around the world are taking effective measures to invite women into the field of engineering. A number of programmes, campaigns and initiatives have been launched to boost the number of women engineers. Despite such efforts, there is a huge gap between the number of women available and the number of women required to handle projects. It is time to encourage more and more women with strong mathematical capability and innovative problem-solving skills to grab opportunities in engineering. Women, who can lead, manage projects, control risk, communicate and confidently work in teams, are required in huge numbers globally.

Tips to encourage women to opt for a career in engineering:

Select the right subjects from the beginning:

Many organizations across the world have undertaken steps to educate the girls in schools of the exciting and rewarding career opportunities available to them. They are also encouraged to choose the right subjects to pursue their career in the field of engineering.

An international infrastructure services firm, AECOM, boasts of having around one-third of female graduates to execute various projects in the field of engineering. This international firm is known for their impressive staffs who apply creative vision, technical expertise, interdisciplinary insight and local experience to address complex challenges in new and better ways. The graduates are highly trained and are given remarkable career opportunities to showcase their talent. They are also made aware of the possible future growth prospects which the engineering sector provides.

Not many women are going for a degree in engineering:

The world is witnessing a shortage in the number of engineers worldwide. A major reason is lack of females entering into engineering coupled with an ageing workforce whereby many experienced engineers are approaching retirement.

Creation of a flexible work culture:

Many organizations around the world have understood the need to create a flexible working environment for attracting more women into the sector. The companies are slowly adopting a flexible work culture where employees are given the liberty to attend both personal and professional needs, while maintaining a balance.

Targeted STEM campaigns are needed:

Holding campaigns like Young Woman of the Year award organized by The Institute of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) annually to encourage and provide lucrative opportunities to women within the sector are being conducted to invite more women engineers.

Various mentoring programmes across companies are also very useful as they provide support, education and opportunity to women. Ongoing collaboration between businesses and schools is also needed in order to tackle the problem and sustain better outcomes.

More women are needed on selection panels:

In order to recruit more women into the engineering sector, the organizations need to take strict measures to stop discrimination, gender bias or non-inclusive behaviors that prevent women from securing opportunities.

More women must be encouraged to be a part of the hiring process to recruit women at all levels. Every forms of bias or prejudiced thinking must come to an end.

There is still a lot of work which needs to be done to open children’s minds and let them know about the exciting possibilities in engineering, and to ensuring that women are present in suitable numbers at all levels. Taking science, technology and mathematics (STEM) jobs to women rather than expecting them to randomly find the roles, is the key.