Have you ever wondered why girls use perfume? Although perfume doesn’t add any charm to her face or make her look smart, still it occupies a special place in her scent wardrobe. Doesn’t it surprise you when a female friend of yours comes to your place to return a book or to borrow one smells like fruit punch or like a lily flower? Ok, you must have also noticed your sister or mom wearing perfume or a pleasantly scented lotion. So, it looks like there is some link between grown-up females and perfume.

History of perfume

Now here is something surprising for you- the use of perfume by girls dates back to the time of ancient Egypt. Probably the perfume used ages ago are similar to the ones ladies buy today at the shopping malls. Fragrant oils made of rose, frankincense, peppermint, and myrrh were used as a perfume by the then Egyptian girls. In fact, the girls would wear such fragrant oils before holding a boy’s hand so that they can feel soft when it comes to touch. The fragrant oils were also used in religious ceremonies.

The secret behind wearing perfume

A girl wears perfume for many reasons. One of the interesting reasons is that if a friend of hers wears perfume, then she is more likely to wear perfume feeling that she fits in with the rest of the social circle. Sometimes a girl wears perfume because of her favourite movie star or pop singer who creates it such as Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff etc. Some girls want to be like the stars they idolize and that’s the reason they wear the perfumes created by the famous stars.

Perfume has persona

Some girls don’t go by what celebrities or stars wear or create when it comes to perfume. They are very clear and decisive about what kind of fragrance they want to wear. Well, when a girl is so specific about the perfume she chooses over others she is telling you something about her which is not known to you. If she is happy-go-lucky types, she might choose a perfume whose scent is like spring flowers. If spontaneity and activeness come naturally to her, then she might go for perfumes which smell like a perfect blend of fruit and flowers. In case she is a mature lady, she might smell powdery. The girl who is outgoing might smell fresh and leafy.

The link between memory and perfume

According to scientists, there is a strong link between the sense of smell and memory, especially if it’s the memory of the person one loves. If a married woman smells a shirt her husband wore, she would recognize it. A certain smell/fragrance can bring a smile on one’s face, can make one rejoice, feel nostalgic or even cry if the smell/fragrance is related to a powerful memory. And same goes with perfume.

Ahhh! Remember me

If a girl comes to meet you wearing a perfume, it means she desires that you remember her warmly. If the perfume she wears smells like flowers such as jasmine or gardenia, it subtly indicates that she desires you to remember her whenever you smell those flowers. So boys if a girl wears a perfume in your presence, especially if you like her, then wholeheartedly take it as a compliment.

No wonder the connection between girls and perfume is mystic and magical at the same time!