In life, we often get caught up in various situations, where we are always presented with choices. Most of the times there isn’t just one path, one person or one way to do anything. There are a number of possibilities to consider and find what is in your highest good.

So what is meant by “highest good?” Our Highest Good is something that keeps us on track or something that keeps us on our path. It takes us steadily towards our goal of growth, learning, and walking. It is that point when our spirit is most delighted because we are moving forward and not backwards. Don’t worry. We are all humans and are bound to make mistakes. We are here to learn. Nobody gets everything right the first time. We have to make suitable choices to achieve our goal.

Is there just one possibility to keep us on this path? No. There are a number of possibilities which exist but as humans we only focus on the ones which satisfies us.

Sometimes in relationships, situations become tricky and we need to choose between the highest good and other options. Let’s understand this with an example – A girl has two choices; a reunion with an ex-boyfriend that will lead to disappointment and no further growth, or her choice of guy who will give her the type of relationship she needed and will take her ahead in life. So what will she pick? The highest good? Or the same old option?

Even when making career choices, we get stuck up as to what to choose. We generally keep all the other doors closed and walk through the one which we think might take us to our highest good.

There are times when we make worst choices because we allowed our ego to interfere in matters of love, career and personal matters. Generally advisers or supportive people around us, tell us what is our highest good and we usually ignore it. Our ignorance makes us forget about the additional choices which can help us to achieve our desired outcome. But, our ego is what stops us from considering other possibilities.

Always remember that when you have choices, your highest good may not be what you asked for, but it is what you need, i.e. a gift from your Spirit. Things may not always work out the way your human ego planned. Don’t be upset.Take a look at the situation, let it go with grace, and have faith that what is in your highest good will come.