Yes, every woman is beautiful but can you guess the age when a woman feels most beautiful? According to a survey, women feel most beautiful and comfortable in their own skin when they are in their early thirties. That is the age when they leave behind the deep desire for rosy cheeks and dimpled chin which no longer seem to them as an impediment to their beauty. They even feel most attractive in terms of looks when they turn 30 and stars like Megan Fox, Emilia Clarke, and Rose Leslie are no exception.

Many women who participated in the survey said that they felt most amazing at the age of 30. They expressed that at this age they felt more confident about themselves as they had gained confidence from the life experiences they had, their love life was in full swing and they enjoyed partying sensibly.

So turning 30 is not just about a big birthday bash but is also significant when it comes to a woman’s personality. And the research has proven it.

The beauty brand surveyed 1,700 women and found out that the feelings of confidence and happiness had a great impact on how beautiful they felt at a physical level.  Richard Mears, representing the brand, said, “’How a woman feels, in general, seems to directly relate to how beautiful she feels.”

This survey and its result clearly show that beauty is not just skin deep, in fact, it is about how one feels inside. By the age of 30, women get aware of who they are inside. They know that beauty is not confined to physical appearance; rather it is more about inner happiness. Even an act of kindness makes them feel beautiful.

According to other findings, Saturday is the day when most British ladies feel most beautiful as they are ready to enjoy themselves after an exhaustive work week. The reason behind it is they can enjoy the time by indulging in the leisure activities they like which give them happiness and a sense of well-being. This, in turn, makes them feel most beautiful and attractive.

So the real reason behind feeling most beautiful is being happy. And physical appearance or looks is not the top reason why a woman feels most beautiful. The major reasons for feeling attractive are inner happiness, health, family, friendships, and children.