Someone has aptly said that the grass is always greener on the other side! And this is a classic example when it comes to having a lover who is introvert. One might feel a little less fortunate thinking it would have been great if one lover was an outgoing person. There are times when you go out with your friends and see their extrovert lovers; all you wish for is some magic that could change your introvert lover into a person who is outgoing.

But hold on, and think about the reasons why you got into this relationship. There must have been something good about that introvert lover! And here we give you many reasons to appreciate your introvert lover.

Let’s see what an introvert lover brings to a relationship:

1. Values Commitment
Introvert people take commitment seriously. They just don’t go around making friends and spreading love to anyone or everyone. The reason why your introvert lover is with you is not just for fun but more than that. He/she must have given it a serious thought before getting into a relationship with you.
So, appreciate him/her for the commitment!

2. A good listener
Many a time you must have felt highly irritated because of his/her silence but at the same time, they are good listeners too. As a good listener, he would remember what is important to you and what is not. When two people listen to each other, they understand each other better and hence the relationship becomes stronger.
So, be happy that there is someone who genuinely listens to you!

3. Actions speak louder than the words
Being an introvert he might talk less but would express more through actions. Probably he will be the one who will actually surprise you with amazing gifts rather than just the big promises.
Lucky you, as you will get more of gestures than just the declarations of love!

4. Gives space
An introvert person knows the value of giving space in a relationship. He wouldn’t be jealous of you going out with your friends. Also, chances are he understands the importance of privacy too and will not look at you with suspicion. But never think that just because he doesn’t call you 10 times a day, he doesn’t care for you. He will not try to monitor or control you!

5. Good Crisis Manager
Your introvert lover has much more patience level than the outgoing lover of your friend. Yes, it is true because the introvert people don’t act impulsively and can manage a crisis well. Even in the relationship with you, he wouldn’t quick to make judgements and would let you have your say before reaching a final conclusion.

6. Helps you become better
Introverts keep things less complicated and are more focused on making things better. He would always encourage you to become better without making you feel embarrassed about things. He thinks before saying things. He has those sensitive and sensible streaks in him which you may not find in extroverts.

7. Accepts mistakes
You may find him stubborn sometimes but at the same time, he would not hesitate in accepting his mistakes. His ego is not above his relationship. It is one of the most important elements of a relationship which keeps it strong and value-creating.

So, cherish your introvert lover as he/she brings so much to the relationship with his/her own unique qualities! And next time when you see your friend and her outgoing lover, no need to feel unhappy or less fortunate.