Looking for some private time with your beloved on Valentine’s Day? Well, there are many couples who choose to stay away from the regular parties and dinners at popular eateries. This might sound different, but doing a private V-Day dinner at home is actually a great opportunity to create a romantic evening tailor made to fit your taste, liking and a fabulous way to enjoy some quiet time alone with your partner. All you need to do is to start with a steamy menu, the perfect decor to turn your home into a romantic getaway, and some fun dinner time activities to let you and your partner spend time talking, laughing, and falling in love all over again.

Follow these tips to make this Valentine’s Day special:

1. A cozy fireside cuddle:
Cuddle your sweetheart as you both sit in front of the fireplace on a comfy sofa or on the carpet. Serving chilled champagne with strawberries or pomegranate seeds into the glass will definitely make it more special. For those who love cooking, nothing works better than a home-cooked Valentine’s Day meal.  Don’t forget to play great music on the stereo! Also, write a love letter that you can read by the fire, or have a book of love poetry ready to set the mood.

2. Dreamy Conversation Stones
Do not waste your time on discussions related to bills, work, and other regular boring topics. Gather few whimsical conversation stones and try to know something new about each other.

3. A Romantic bedroom
Make this Valentine’s Day special for your partner by changing the look of your bedroom. You don’t have to get the interiors changed; simply replace the lights by installing few low wattage bulbs, scented candles or a lamp to create a private environment. Sprinkle rose petals in your bedroom. To make it more special, put on something sensual and lay out a steamy outfit for your partner. Pamper each other by feeding almonds, chocolates, dates, raspberries, strawberries and wine.

4. Blooms in various colors
Instead of one big bouquet of roses, get colorful blooms and decorate them throughout the room you’ll be dining in, for an overwhelming floral effect.

5. Lighting to set the mood
Set the mood and create some romantic ambiance by purchasing scented candles in various shapes and fragrances to woo your beloved. Do not place too many candles for they may kill the effect you want to create.

6. Share Sweet messages
A romantic date without letting your special one know what you feel for them is incomplete. Create or buy personalized Valentine’s Day cards and fill them up with compliments, memories, wishes, and loving words for your partner. Share sweet sentiments about each other and let them know how special they are.