Tired of using face creams and serums for that glowing youthful skin? Well, it is time to try something a lot easier, economical and natural way to say goodbye to wrinkles. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about facial yoga. According to research, regularly practicing facial yoga can help you to look younger. A small research conducted on about 27 middle-age women from 40 to 65 years of age showed how they performed 32 facial exercises, which included simple actions such as smiling and sucking in the cheeks and achieved a healthier look. They were asked to perform these exercises daily for approximately 30 minutes for eight weeks. The participants observed that at the end of 20 weeks their cheeks looked fuller and firmer. This change made them look younger and youthful.

Experts also say that sometimes there is a risk associated with certain facial exercises. When performed repeatedly for a longer duration, certain facial movements might actually make you look older. That’s because some repetitive muscle motions in the face can make wrinkles worsen. It is advisable to consult a skin expert or a known dermatologist before performing these facial exercises.

Few advantages of facial yoga:

1. Facial yoga is less expensive than cosmetic surgery and over the counter crèmes
There are a number of overpriced creams, serums, lotions and beauty products available in the market which cost too much and promise to provide a youthful look. Not all products are trustworthy and should be avoided due to chemicals and harmful ingredients in them. Unlike its overpriced competitors, facial yoga costs nothing! Spend couple of minutes from your routine everyday and say goodbye to expensive facial products and treatments.

2.Facial yoga is natural and chemical free
Most of the anti-aging creams contain paraffin, mineral oil, heavy fragrances and other undesirable ingredients which can be harmful for the skin. Facial yoga is 100% natural and without harmful chemicals. Achieve a youthful look by practicing it every day for some time.

3. Facial yoga can slow down the aging process
The more we smile, squint, or become tense, the more wrinkles we accumulate through the years. Practicing Facial yoga everyday can help to slow the process of aging.

4. Facial yoga helps to release tension
Bid goodbye to unnecessary tension and stress in neck and face by including facial yoga in your routine. Facial yoga helps to lighten any tightness that you may carry around in your neck, face and head. By practicing daily, few women can recover from chronic neck pain.

5. Facial yoga is the key to youthful skin
Facial yoga is a form of exercise to tone and tighten your face. This means that when you exercise these muscles, there is an improved flow of blood, oxygen and extra circulation to this delicate skin, which can stimulate collagen production and emulates youth.

6. Eliminate double chins with facial yoga
Facial yoga is the easiest way to get rid of double chins. This also helps to reduce the extra fat and puffiness on the skin with more focus on the neck, which can sag with aging. In fact, in many Asian cultures, women regularly practice facial yoga to promote youthfulness.

7. Boost your self-esteem and confidence with facial yoga
It is a fact that when you look better, you feel better. Boost your confidence and self-esteem by practicing these exercises for a youthful, firmer and glowing look.

Experts say that although there are many exercises which fall in facial yoga, those that appeared the most helpful are the ones that work the cheek muscles, such as those that involved puckering and squeezing the cheeks. These movements may cause “hypertrophy” of the cheek muscles. This means that the muscles get bigger and thus may result in the cheeks looking fuller and firmer.