February is the month of love. It is that time of the year when you can confess your love and let your special one know what you feel for them. Most people prefer red colour when expressing their feelings for someone. In fact, colour red symbolizes love, passion, desire, romance, intimacy and excitement. No wonder it’s a hot favourite when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Red can be adorned in various ways. One can choose a red dress, makeup, nail art or carry accessories of red colour. To make a statement, the colour red should not overpower one’s look. It’s important for you to analyse how much red you are comfortable wearing. So all those pretty ladies out there, here some quick beauty and fashion tips to look red hot this Valentine’s Day.

A red dress can make all the difference: Red is a standout color. Best is to pair red with neutrals. Black, denim, cream are the basic colors which look great with red. Try out prints and patterns in red with something black and white in it. Be a major head turner by wearing your precious red dress but avoid going overboard and keep everything else minimal.

Accentuate your look with red accessories: Accessories are the easiest way to incorporate red without overdoing it. Go for a red clutch, red earrings or a red belt to add colour to your look.  Plus, they’re wearable year round. A simple LBD complemented with a red accessory can make you look like a diva. We recommend a maximum of 2 red accessories per outfit.

Red lipstick: The ever-popular red lips can transform a simple look into a glamorous one. Pair a red lipstick with matte skin, neutral eyes and subtle shimmer to get an instant uplift be it day or night. Try out different shades of red and see what best suits your complexion. Diffused around the edges and stained in the centre, blood red lips are the hottest make-up trend of the year. Opt for a sheer cream blush in a pink hue for that barely-there blushing effect with a bright red lipstick. One can even go for a pink highlighter to add subtle colour and sheen while your eyes and lips get the attention.

Red will always make a statement no matter how you wear it. So, all you lovely ladies out there slay it in red this year on Valentine’s Day. And paint the town red.