Love and happiness are two different feelings. It should not be mixed with happiness. Some people describe love as a feeling and wrongly mix it up with happiness. But love is a lot more than a feeling, and it does not immediately equate to happiness.

When a person is unhappily single, an easy remedy given by friends and family is to find love and avoid lack-of-happiness situation. But does it? Researchers have conducted various experiments and tried to determine if there’s a correlation between happiness and the thing we call love.

Love and Happiness: Say no to Loneliness
The result from the research reveals that loneliness has a negative correlation with happiness and a positive one with depression. A happy person is the one who has a strong social support and a circle of friends. The research linked social relationships with happiness, alongside meaningful work. Thus, a state of loneliness is considered bad for a person. Happiness can be felt when you are among friends and family.

Love and Happiness: Human Contact is important
A survey, known as “Happiness Barometer”, was conducted by Coca Cola which tried to determine how happiness is defined worldwide. The outcome of the survey in all 16 countries revealed that human contact was the most essential element in defining happiness. Human contact wasn’t necessarily implying romantic love. Instead, the emphasis was on in-person relationships. According to experts, explore the world, step away from the social networking site, and catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee to up your happiness quotient.

Love and Happiness: Find a companion, for Love is Key
An interesting study was conducted on couples in arranged marriages. It was found that loving your companion or partnered had a significant positive correlation in the long-term. While, a lust filled relationship boosted happiness only for a short-term. Women worldwide, especially, felt more satisfied with life when they had a companion or a partner to love.

Love and Happiness: Married People are luckier
Is marriage the key to a happier you or are happier people more likely to get married?
A study conducted on married and unmarried people found out that 25 percent of unmarried adults claimed to be “very happy,” whereas an impressive 40 percent of married adults could boast the same. Also, it is not just marriage that seems to boost happiness; it’s a healthy marriage.

The connection between love and happiness lies in nurturing healthy relationships, romantic or not. Investing in the lives of others is emotionally rewarding. Try to love others, it is worth it.