Working remotely has become increasingly common these days.More and more employers are encouraging their employees to work remotely. Different people have different opinions on this. For some employees visiting office everyday is important to stay inclined to work while others feel one can concentrate more on work when working remotely.

But is this upcoming trend has negative or positive implication on both employers and employees? Is it helping to increase the productivity or boost efficiency? Here are few tips to stay motivated and connected when working remotely:

1. Important to build relationships.
It is very important to build a sense of trust when working remotely. Different strategies should be used when building relationships virtually. Lack of trust and reliability can break the team. Regular follow ups and virtual meetings are a great way to stay in touch with your co-workers.

2. Always remain tuned in.
Always stay connected through frequent communication. Keep all channels of communication open with your team.Encourage them to share their thoughts to understand what they think and how they work. The more communication there is, the stronger your relationships will be within your virtual team, and the smoother your operations will run.

3. Try to cope with isolation.
Working remotely from home or alternate office location can get monotonous and boring. It can become lonely working independently on a daily basis without much face-to-face contact with other employees. It is important to devise ways to combat boredom and loneliness by conducting daily or weekly face-to-face meetings, whether it be through Skype or getting together in the office or in a coffee shop.

4. Communicate expressively.
Do not limit yourself to emails and messages, go ahead, pick up your phone and talk to your co-workers once a day to express yourself.Emails can often feel flat and emotionless.Remain connected with team members and make an extra effort to understand their needs. This in turn will motivate them to perform better.

5. Encourage team building activities
Working remotely does not allow managers and subordinates to meet everyday. Once or twice in a month, plan an outing with your team to stay in touch. Get into interesting team building activities and introduction sessions so that all the members can know each other better. Plan picnics, outings or a trip to a resort for some leisure time with teammembers. Such activities will help them to concentrate better on work with increased efficiency and motivation.

6. Share your team feedback.
Never stop yourself from appreciating, giving a pat on the back (virtually) or praising your team members.Always share constructive feedback when it can help them and the team as a whole.Share feedback with all the teammembers to build healthy relationships.

7. Set achievable targets
Do not take undue advantage of your virtual team by setting high targets which seem unachievable.Always allocate work equally and set clear expectations.