The business world globally is being ruled by both men and women across various industries. Both men and women are creating impressive stories when it comes to running a business successfully.Who do you think are better entrepreneurs? Who attracts clients more easily, who makes more money, whose business lives longer? Well, the difference between male and female entrepreneurs is very small.

Is the world of business dominated by men? No, not really. As per statistics, more and more women, year after year, are willing to dive into the diverse world of business. Over the years, the position of women has improved and has led to this change in the thought process.

Read on to know the differences between male and female entrepreneurs:

#1 Females have the ability to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.
For women, money is not the only criteria.
Men, on the other hand,simply want to make money under all circumstances.

#2 Female entrepreneurs are more inclined towards creative and family oriented businesses.
They generally get into those businesses which allowthem to show their creative side to the world.
Men, on the other hand, choose those businesses which are oriented towards construction, technology and traffic.

#3 Male entrepreneurs often look towards investors for expansion
Since men see money as the purpose of their business,they usually turn to investors to multiply their money.Generally investors prefer to invest their money in businesses led by men.On the contrary, this space is not considered favorable for women. Many investors don’t want to invest their money into companies led by women.

#4 Women can create a friendlier environment and better communities
The Two main qualities of women are:

  • Women can communication better
  • Women approach business with much more emotions.

These qualities help them to create a positive working environment.They have good listening skills and can solve problems better than males.
#5 Female entrepreneurs are more patient than their male counterparts
Patience is one of the foremost qualities which most of the women have in them right from birth. This helps them to listen to the problems of their co-workers and devise ways to cope up with them step by step. They also have motherly instincts and a unique problem solving ability.
Men tend to make haste in making decisions and often end up downgrading their business.

#6 Men are more confidence when it comes to starting a business
Business world is cruel, and that’s a fact.A number of industries are solely dominated by men, making it almost impossible for women to enter that space. According to research,over 30% of men said that confidence is one of the key virtues they possess.This percentage is much higher when compared to women.

#7 Women are more process oriented, and men aregoal oriented
Women are more interested in building processes which eventuallylead them towards their goal. While men, on the other hand, are not much bothered about processes and are focused on the final goals.

#8 Men are more prone to start a business
Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs are men. Also, as per reports, the desire for starting a business was shown by 60% of men while the percentage of women was barely 40.

#9 Businesses led by females have a shorter life expectancy than male business
Many females decide to hand over or close their businesses due to personal responsibilities or lack of funds and support.

Each man is unique.Whether it is a male or a female, every person has his/her own unique way of running the business. There are no male-female classifications!One has to have a concrete idea, plan and a team who works passionately to fulfill your dream. The most important rule is that abusiness should be able to adapt itself to the changing trends of the industry.