Are you planning to leave work, sit back and enjoy the rest of your life at home? Well, think again! Historically, 58 to 65 years is considered as the right age to retire and reward yourself after decades of toil and hard work.

According to a recent study, one out of four retired people actually return to work after a break of four years. The thought process of people is continuously changing and the return of retirees to workplaces has increased to a record 71 per cent in the past few years.

The reasons could be:

  • Financial independence: A good reason to return to work is to have your own financial independence. Rather than relying on your children or relatives for financial needs, it is better to get back to work and start earning for a better life.
  • Maintaining a routine: A regular job helps us to follow a routine. All the activities have a scheduled time of their own and have to be completed.
  • Network of co-workers: One can always maintain good relations with other co-workers or clients within professional network. It is always advisable to stay in touch with peers in the industry for better opportunities in future.
  • More respect at workplace: Senior employees have a lot of experience at working on things which they have been doing since many years. They gain lot of respect for their work and can share their knowledge with subordinates.
  • An example for other employees: Apart from being technically sound, senior employees set an example for the young crowd at workplace. They help the youngsters to understand the importance of work.

As per the experts across various industries, instead of deciding the right age to retire, one must “pre-tire” and plan to work for fewer hours or take up jobs which are simple and helps to maintain a balance between work and family life.

This doesn’t mean that an organization must only focus on hiring retirees for jobs. It is equally or rather more important to hire young graduates for challenging roles and provide them the chance to gain expertize. In both the cases, such employees are the wealth of the organization who will always work for expanding the business.