Be it apparel trends or other accessories, 2017 has been a trendy year so far. When you are looking trendy from top to toe, then choosing a stylish eyewear is a must. The demanding fashion followers are paving their way for futuristic designs and trending colors. The trendy eye wears are making a bold statement with their stylish frames and polished designs. Let’s check out what is there in the bag for you.

Metal Wire Frame Glasses
Metal wireframe glasses are delicate yet durable eyewear. This trendy eyewear with its minimalist approach has become a symbol of grace and confidence. Recently, celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Suki Waterhouse, and Tracee Ellisross have been spotted wearing metal wireframes at various occasions.

Horn-Rimmed Glasses
These glasses were in trend in the 20’s and 60’s but as they say old is gold this trend has made a comeback this year. These dark, thick plastic glasses were earlier made up of horns and shells. It provides a bold look to the appearance of the wearer.

Oversized Glasses
If finding a trendy eyewear requires a slog for you, simply go for the oversized glasses. These glasses make a face look attractive and match with every face type. Avoid these glasses if you have a small oval face.

Thick Rimmed Glasses
Trends change each year, but some trends stay even after the season ends. These lightweight, thick-rimmed glasses are the classic choice for any dress you wear. These glasses look suitable on any complexion and bring attention to the face.

Cat Eye Glasses
Cat eye glasses are very popular among women. These glasses give the face a sharp look. With their prominent flared outer edges, these eyewear gives a lifting effect to the face. The best thing about these glasses is that they look good with all types of face shape.

Flat Top Navigators
Flat top navigators are head turners with their coolness quotient. These sunglasses are revamped version of aviators. They have an Aviator shape in square frames that preserves the essence of metallic aviators.

Club Master Sunglasses
Earlier known as browline glasses, these glasses were a rage in the decade of 50’s. The dark frame of these sunglasses attracts attention from everyone. These sunglasses look best on the triangular-shaped face.

Oversized Rectangles
Rectangular sunglasses are the eyewear that has the wider frames. These softly edged glasses convey an understated look. This trendy eyewear is especially for the people who have a wide, round or oval face. These glasses add contour to a round face.

You have a variety of options to choose from the above mentioned trendy eye wears. If you are an eyewear fan and love to collect sunglasses of different types, these are the must-haves in your collection.