All of us must have asked ourselves the question why do I feel to pee when I am nervous or scared. It is very much common to feel the urge to pee when you are anxious and nervous. According, to Doctor Tom Chi, an associate professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco, it is common to feel the need to relax and void you bladder when you are nervous. We should act upon what our body requires us to do, so whenever you feel the urge to pee just attend to this nature’s call and you will probably feel better.

In a stressful situation our bladder loose total control and hence, this leads to an increase in the amount of time you feel the urge to pee. But in the normal circumstances when you are not anxious or nervous our bladder works normally and it gets filled with urine from the kidneys. But even in the stressful situation our urine doesn’t leak out because our bladder’s external sphincter is tightly closed hence, it prevents urine leak out says Dr Chi.

Though there is no sure prove of why we feel the urge to pee when nervous, however, doctors and researchers have three reasonably good guesses for why this phenomenon happens. The first idea is that it happens because of our body’s fight or flight mode. It happens because of the limbic system. Our brain regions play an important role in having a control over our bladder. Pontine micturition centre, an area of brain stem has a constant contact with the bladder. So, it knows when the pressure is high and make the decision to void. Fortunately, this area doesn’t have a full control over our bathroom habits, otherwise, we’d pee whenever and wherever the pressure is building. Prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the cerebral cortex that covers the frontal lobe can override the urge to urinate by sending an inhibitory signal to the brainstem. However in stressful situations the inhibitory signals from the frontal lobe can get overruled by limbic system that control the well-known fight or flight mode. So, that is the reason why most people feel the urge to void bladder or urinate before exams, interviews or other nervous and stressful situations. Though there is no undisputable prove for this guess however, it is generally perceived as our body’s reaction towards stressful situations.

The other idea is we desire to pee in anxious situations because of the muscle tense up and one of those muscle could be our bladder. Our bladder is surrounded by a thin layer of muscle which stresses when the bladder is full. So you get the nature’s call and feel the urge to void your bladder. Another reason is that, in tense situation, we become more sensitive regarding our body activities for example, blinking, winking, breathing and peeing. So, because we become sensitive and our muscles tense up we become conscious and we tend to check whether we are feeling to pee or not. Hence, even if the bladder is not full our body tell us to void it in order to feel relax.