Mountains are the place everyone wants to visit to reclaim their peace of mind. The silence of nature allows you to drown in the deep inner self. The city people are sometimes tired of the hustle bustle of the urban life, and in search of respite, they move towards the highlands. The serenity of the peaks gets so deep in the heart of few adventure lovers that they decide to become a mountain guide. Guiding people in the mountains is a challenging task, one wrong decision and your life could land up in danger. So in this article, we will discuss the necessary skills required to become a mountain guide.

Excellent Physical Fitness

Well, this is the foremost requirement to become a mountain guide. Being a leader, the mountain guide not only has to command the group but sometimes help injured people as well. Guide suffering from any medical condition will become the liability of the group. Hence physical fitness is an essential requirement to become a mountain guide.

Sharp Understanding of High Altitude Weather

The weather in high altitude changes rapidly. Avid trekkers suggest avoiding going for a trek in bad weather conditions because the lack of shelter and medical care in these altitudes can affect our lives severely. Therefore, a mountain guide should be very informative about the climatic conditions of mountain areas.

Good Sense of Locating Places

Although mountain guides are very particular about weather conditions, predicting accurate rain or snowfall is next to impossible. So for instance, if a team is stuck in bad weather situation a guide should always be ready to locate places for immediate support.

Trained In Providing First Aid

In the mountain expedition there comes a time when a member of the group gets injured and need an immediate first aid. Guides can’t expect their clients to provide first aid to the injured person; they have to develop an expertise in providing first aid to the wounded member themselves. A proper first aid can save the life of the injured team member and provide instant relief.

Interactive Behaviour and Social Skills

If you are an introvert, then aspiring to become a mountain guide is not the suitable job for you. You may come across the clients with the different temperament. An interactive person with excellent social skills will be able to keep the team united and to adjust with various types of personalities.

Apart from these basic skills, there are some technical skills involved with the job of a mountain guide. The aspirants can enroll themselves in a training program to develop skills like mountain climbing, water rappelling, etc. Above all, a mountain guide needs to have the confidence of leading a team, taking them to the altitudes and bringing back safe.