If you adore children and enjoy spending spare time with them then taking up childminder as a career will be beneficial to you. Being a childminder not only provides you the opportunity to spend your time with children but also provide you a chance to help children shape their initial year of learning in your supervision. The benefits of becoming a childminder are that you can work from home, choose the hours of work provided that you set reasonable timing for children.

So if you are keen to pursue it as a career then read below to find out how to get started;

First of all what you should be knowing is that what becoming a childminder is about. To put it simply a childminder is one who takes care of children of all ages. It consists of providing families with a security of taking care of their children and helping them to learn something. You can work from home and also choose suitable hours for work according to your daily schedule. Countries where both men and women work are rely on childcare/ childminder to support working parents. It is a wonderful career opportunity because it does not demand much qualification and educational degrees, all it requires is to register yourself as a childminder and having a positive attitude towards children and their needs. You can be your own boss and do your work while actually playing with children.

Things to do as a childminder

  1. Providing children a home care based service and help them learn effectively.
  2. Help them to grow, encourage them to learn and become creative with them.
  3. Choose the hours you wish to work, become your own boss.
  4. Contribute in shaping children future.
  5. Meet other childcare professionals and learn from them. Help yourself to do better in taking care of children.

How to become a childminder, things to do before becoming a registered childminder;

In England all childminders are enrolled, supervised, and inspected by Ofsted. If you are unsure about becoming a childminder or if you are new in this profession than you can take a short survey or an introductory training such as Pacey’s short online taster session. This will cost you around £5.00 and it will enable you to know, explore, and learn all the primary things about this profession. Local authorities in England also help you to understand all aspects of becoming a childminder, they can support you, advice you and also fund your further training. It is advisable to get in touch with local authorities of England to help you know this profession better. There are variety of courses that you can choose from depending upon your interest and willingness to grasp knowledge. Early year child providers registered with Ofsted usually works within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which primarily focuses on children learning and development. Whatever field you choose from you must have a good and clear understanding of leaning and development, how to protect and safe guard children, necessary knowledge of children health, safety and other legal aspects of becoming a childminder.

Courses that you have to undertake for becoming a childminder are;

  1. Paediatric first aid course; this is a pre-requisite condition before registering with Ofsted.
  2. Undertake a DBS check; to enrol with Ofsted you need to get your DBS check done and join DBS update service to help Ofsted monitor your suitability to work as a child minder.
  3. Completing Ofsted healthcare booklet; after completing Ofsted healthcare booklet and enabling this to your GP to complete whatever is left. Ofsted will carry out a registration visit and give you a licence to begin child caring.