We all love to listen music whether knowingly or unintentionally we choose music to lift up our mood. Music has been there in human society since antiquity. Be it a primitive culture or an advanced society, we all love to create music and enjoy it. We have music for our every possible mood namely, sad, lovely, romantic, angry, exciting, religious, thriller, spiritual etc. Music creates positivity in our mind and help relaxing brain muscles. And now science has also proved its usefulness in making you feel happy and healthier. According to recent research, neuroscientist have discovered that music can make us healthier and is very useful in cheering up our mood as it increases positive emotions in our brain. Music helps in stimulating hits of dopamine in our brain which makes us calm down or cheerful depending upon the kind of music we choose. According to research, scientist have found that music lights up almost every area of our brain and makes us feel relaxed or energetic. It is because of the various benefits and usefulness of music that it plays important role in our culture and various religious activities and we cannot imagine a society without music.

Here, are 5 ways in which music can make you happier and healthier;

  1. Music helps reducing pain; music is very helpful is reducing pain. According to a recent study, patients who were about to undergo a spine surgery were asked to listen to their favourite music an evening before the surgery. When the level of pain was measured post-surgery, the doctors have found that patients who have listened to music before surgery have a significantly less amount of pain than those who haven’t listen to music. According to another study conducted in 2013, patients of fibromyalgia, a disease of acute physical pain were asked to listen to music just once a day up to 4 weeks experienced considerably less pain than the patients of control group.
  2. Music helps in improving memory; it has been proven that before studying or while studying listening to music can help you memorise things faster and is useful to retain whatever you have already memorised. Music stimulates dopamine in our brain which is related to motivation and memory. Hence, listening to music can motivate you and help you learn faster. Music help you calm down and stimulated dopamine in every part of the brain which in turn makes it easy for our mind to grasp and comprehend things faster.
  3. Music boosts mood; listening to your favourite music can help you fight against mood swings and also boosts your mood. It help you feel relaxed which in turn stabilizes your mood and gives your mood a boost. Music helped a unique orchestra of patients suffering from dementia to boost their confidence and mood claimed Bournemouth University Dementia Institute, in Dorset, U.K.
  4. Music helps in reduction of anxiety and stress; feeling stressful and anxious is a common problem today. People take up to exercises and mediation to fight against stress and anxiety. Music works much faster and better than any exercise or meditation to reduce anxiety, boredom, pain and stress. It helps you heel up fast from depressed emotions and releases stress.
  5. Music may help in improving immune functioning; according to some researches, listening to music can help in reducing diseases. Researches of Wilkes University conducted a study on undergraduate students according to which they measured students’ IgA an important antibody of our immune system which works as a first line of defence against diseases. After measuring Students IgA, researchers laid four conditions which are, sitting in silence, listening to soothing music, a tone click, and a radio broadcast. Students who chose soothing music had significantly greater increase in their IgA level compared to those who have opt out for other options. Hence, listening to music can do wonder to your health and even guard you against diseases.

So do listen to your favourite kind of music and feel much happier and healthier.