Dress code in the workplace draws a particular identity for an employee of a particular company. Nowadays many companies are setting up dress code policies for their employees. The reason behind implementing this rule is to create a positive mind set among the employees, to make them feel equal to other employees. And having a dress code at workplace removes the stress of choosing what to and what not to wear. A dress code makes employees look more elegant and dedicated towards their services to the company. It creates a positive environment for employees to be treated as equal.  For the 10 some years it has become a trend which many companies follow to create a specific image of itself among its customers. So if you think that having a dress code at workplace is boring and uncool, I bring you some of the advantages of having a dress code at your workplace;

Forms a specific image of the company;   every company desire to form a particular image of itself in the market. They want their employees to get acknowledged by the consumers in the most easy and effective way. Hence, through setting up a dress code a company ensure that it conveys what it stands for among its customers. Having a dress code gives a feeling of entitlement to the employees and helps us recognize their devotion towards a company.Now a days we can find the dress code at most of the places like restaurants, shopping malls and retail shops and many of the ecommerce website employees carry a dress code to deliver the service to the costumer, dress code create a different impact and expression in costumers mind about a company.  Thus by creating an impression on the customer, companies form a specific image of theirs in the market.

Promotes Equality among Employees;  having a dress code policy removes discrimination and competition of wealth and fashion among employees. A workplace is a place where people with different economic and social background come together to serve a common goal hence, it is a duty of company to make all their employees feel equal and respected. Since people with more wealth or employees from influential background tend to show off their wealth by wearingbig brands it somehow creates an atmosphere of inequality and disparity among the employees. For any profitable institutiongrow and prosper in the business world, it is important to maintain respect and equality at workplace because everyone has a right to dignified life.

Provides a Positive Atmosphere;implementing a dress code establishes a positive environment in company. It makes employees feel dedicated and determined towards their goals. It kinds of merge the identity of the employee with the company. Here, the employer and the employee become one who seek to achieve their desired goal with all their hard work and passion.

Ensures Safety and Discipline at Workplace; for Job at construction company, employees are required to wear helmets, steel-toe boots, gloves, reflective vests and full length pants.   Hence, carrying a proper dress code at such workplaces ensures the safety of their employees and maintain the discipline at the workplace. And not just construction jobs require proper dress code but jobs at hotels and restaurants also need a dress code to maintain the hygiene of the employee and the customers.

Creates anImpact; to survive on the long run companies need to create their impact on their customers. They are required to convey what they stand for and how they can help the customer to satisfy his needs. For this companies have to implement a strategy which reflects their choices and their contribution to society. And setting up a creative dress codeensures that the company is conveying what it wants to. A creative dress codebuildsup the impression on consumers that helps the company to sell its product and service of the company. It’s allow people to make their choices very comfortably without having any doubt.

Saves Time and Money;people tend to waste a lot of money and time in buying clothes to wear at workplace. Also choosing what to wear and what not to wear every morning exhausts our thoughts and wastes a lot of time. Hence, implementing a dress code at work place saves the employee from wasting his hard earned money in buying stuffs to wear at workplace and it also ends the confusion of what to and what not to wear.

So folks, having aa dress code at workplace is not as boring as it sounds because it can save a lot of time, money and make you feel equal with other employees.