Books are storehouse of knowledge where we can learn lots of things from others insightfulness and experiences. We can find variety of books in market depending upon our interest. Reading enhances our vision towards life and guides us how to see life as it is.Reading has always been helpful to relax your thoughts and it opens up a new world of knowledge to us. It works way faster than other therapies in reducing stress and calming down your mind. Reading helps us in concentrating into a literary world which in turn help us to distract our thoughts from tensions of life.Reading helps our brain muscles and heart feel at ease. There are loads of advantages of reading which helps us in relieving from stress;

Reading gives both the reader and the writer a voice of freedom–book itself isa wide source of knowledge that give us freedom to think and ponder upon them. Reading our favourite comic open up a new gateway to our imagination of the world. Reading not only gives us joy but it also makes us more articulative.Reading takes you on a different ride where you can comprehend the world in a whole new sense. Apart from widening your imagination, it also awakens the thinker in you.

Reading is awide source of knowledge and entertainment– now a days, we don’t have much time because of our busy lifestyles but at the same time we should work towards utilizing our spare time in productive manner. Reading is a real stress buster for all our problems because it not only help us to utilize our time in productive manner but it also enlighten us about the world outside of our knowledge.It really doesn’t matter what kind of books we read what matters is that by concentrating on what we are reading help us in escaping from our everyday worries and tensions.

Reading Brings Peace to the Mind; though there are many stress busting activities such as taking a long walk or listening to your favourite music, but none of them works as faster as reading in bringing peace of mind. By giving yourself to reading helps in relieving and relaxing our brain muscles. Reading not only empowers us with knowledge of the world but it also makes us more creative and imaginative.

Reading is a healthy and easily accessible source of stress busting; we do spend a lot of our savings to enjoy things that help us in relieving our everyday stress. Though some people can afford luxury vacations and parties to relax themselves while others can’t afford the same, hence, reading comes as a rescue for them who want to enjoy an alone time with their feelings and thoughts. Reading your favourite book can take you on a whole new ride of adventures and imagination.

It Makes you Smarter and Helps us to find New Perspectives; yes it is scientifically proven that reading makes you smarter by improving your ability to understand and apprehend things better than others. It also helps in raising your emotional intelligence level by improving your ability to solve problems. We can’t learn everything from attending events and socializing with people. The perspective, experience and insightfulness of others also helps s to gain a new perspective about life.

Here arefive books which you can read to relieve your stress and tensions of everyday life; Taming your Gremlin by Rick Carson, What I’d Say to the Martians; Jack Handey, The Consolation of Philosophy by Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, Eliminating Stress Finding Inner Peace by Brian Weiss, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…And it’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.