You must have heard the story of Cinderella where the prince charming found her by the shoe she left at the party. The story suggests the importance of shoes in our lives. Shoes can transform your body language and makes you more confident about yourself. People spend a lot of their time in buying a pair of shoes. Choosing a particular type of shoe is not just a random choice, but it tells deeper secrets about your personality. Recently, a study was carried out at the University of Kansas that says the selection of shoes tells a lot about the personality of the wearer. So, let’s have a look at what various types of shoes say about their wearers.


Boots gives a firm look to one’s personality. The wearers of the boots are considered to be straightforward, realistic, and trustworthy. Although boot wearers like to draw attention, they don’t want to be the center of attention all the time.

Colorful Sneakers

People who wear colorful sneakers are considered emotionally stable and are less likely to suffer from attachment issues. The common notion about people wearing colorful shoes is that they are fun loving, but the study suggests that this assumption is not right all the time.

Flats and Ballerinas

People who like wearing flats and ballerinas are considered extrovert and outgoing. They are friendly, supportive, and sensible and would prefer comfort over style any given day. These people don’t force their opinion on others and are always ready to take suggestions from others.


Flip-flops itself give very cool vibes, and the person who wears them is considered to be super chilled who doesn’t care much about things in the world. The wearers of flip-flops don’t surrender to the societal pressure and know how to have fun. They express themselves well in every situation.

High Heels

High heels don’t just make you few inches taller but also tells few traits about your personality. The study suggests that a high heel wearer is confident about her looks. They love getting attention by showing off their sexuality.


People who wear loafers and oxford shoes are considered as independent and opinionated. The wearers of oxford shoes are thought to be versatile and assertive. They try to hide their emotions from others and are supposed to act sensibly while performing their duties.

Platform Heels or Wedges

Platform heels are a midway between style and comfort. These heels give you a stylish look along with a comfortable walk. The wearer of wedges tends to be self-assured, down-to-earth and straight forwards.

Sports Shoes

The energetic people love to wear sports shoes. They like to explore new places, things and meet new people in life. These people are restless deep in their soul. They can’t stand at one place for the longest time.

So next time you see someone wearing a particular kind of shoe you can get some idea of their personality. Although these traits are not universally applicable, they do give you a little hint about the wearer.