The stars gazing the exclusive screenings, the media big wigs, lounging on luxurious yachts; the Cannes star-studded show is truly a prestige event. The ‘festival of Creativity’ which started from 17- 28 May 2017 attracted big Hollywood talents, brand managers, publishers, ad celebs, media & entertainment companies, and several elites from tech giants. Well, this eight-day media conference invites Silicon Valley Titans and Hollywood A-listers to talk, strategize, shop and ‘Party’.

Cannes, a synonymous with the glamorous festival is much more than the glitzy affair. Before being a spot for the famous film festival, Cannes was a pretty fishing village where war and pillaging took place. Later on, a former British Chancellor fell head over heels for this scenic getaway and constructed a villa at the Croix des Gardes. Thereafter, many other Europeans and Brits followed and made Cannes a modish vacation spot for globetrotters. Let’s walk you through some of the fantastic hotspots of the land that will certainly keep you occupied in the city:

La Croisette: Walking leisurely along La Croisette lets you blow away the cobwebs of life. The beautiful boulevard extending from the new Palais des Festivals gives you a splendid view of the white sandy beaches. Undoubtedly, it’s a lovely land where the beaches are overlooked by luxurious palatial hotels and upmarket retail outlets.

Le Suquet (old town): The original fishermans’residential area, it is the old quarter of Cannes. The streets are decades old and fascinate tourists for climbing and relaxing in the local restaurants. Here, you can enjoy the sights of the 11th century Tour du Mont Chevalier watchtower, Eglise du Suquet, and the Old Church. While here, do not forget to shop at Marché Forville where a colorful market is held in the morning and early afternoon.

Fort Royal: As the attraction played significant host to the legendary Man in the Iron Mask in 1685 by acting as a State Prison, it excites tourists by leaps and bounds. Wasn’t used much for defense, it’s an isolated prison that screams world domination.

Place du Marché: To let you buy groceries of the rustic nature, this Cannes’s historic market stands proud in the city. Here beautiful stalls are placed with season’s best local bounty including exotic cheese, juicy fruits, olive oil, and delicious sea foods.

Midi Beaches: So indistinguishable and relaxing; the Boulevard de Midi beaches are a beautiful mirage of elegance. Attracting a loyal local crowd, these private beaches will certainly make you fall head over heels for them. Lying at the eastern end, the glittering sight of the beaches meets everyone’s eyes.

Île Sainte-Marguerite: Wow, the beautiful scene calls for attention. Lying half a mile off shore from the French Riviera town of Cannes, it’s the largest of all the Lérins Islands. Densely covered with Eucalyptus and Umbrella pines, fortunately, it’s a place that’s eccentric and far away from the word ‘Cliché’.

So, folks!! Next time you come to become a part of the glamorous affair; remember that Cannes is much more than this. Act like an explorer and discover the insights of Cannes to the fullest.