It is not just the different set of chromosomes that make a man or woman in the mother’s womb, but a lot of psychological and emotional differences are there in these two opposite sex of humankind. Most of the time your guess about a woman’s thought goes wrong because you are using a man’s mind to imagine a whole different world of a woman’s mind. Osho in his book ‘The Book of Woman’ said, “A woman is to be loved, not understood.” Indeed, there is no logical pattern in a woman’s behavior but a deep desire to live up to the maximum. If you are ready to shed your logical brain, then these points will help you to improve your relationship with a woman.

Because A Man Want to Understand, but a Woman Want To Be Loved

We have a very few number of females who have invented or proposed a new idea, but a large number of women artists who have contributed in adding beauty to the world. So applying all your logic to understand a woman is a futile attempt. If you rather start feeling with her then soon you’ll be resonating with her vibes.

Because A Man’s Motive Is to conquer and A Woman Wants To Surrender

Possession is the deepest desire of a man’s mind, and the moment you possess a living being, it loses its life. Slave to his habits, the man follows the same pattern with a woman and all the magic of love vanishes. You need to understand the art of surrendering for a perfect synchronization in a relationship.

Because A Man Lives In the Future, but a Woman Lives In the Present

A man believes that his entire endeavors will bear fruit in future. He lives in a projection of forthcoming time; on the contrary, a woman enjoys the moment-to-moment life. She wants to enjoy the momentary happiness rather than an achievement that promises happiness in future. This desire subconsciously derives all of a woman’s motives.

Because Woman Has More Acceptance than Man

It’s not a clinical fact, but a day-to-day reality that a woman is more practical when it comes to life. She accepts whatever situation comes to her and deals with her total potential, whereas a man tends to live in denial especially about a painful reality.

Life doesn’t care about rules and the points in this article are not the ultimate reality, we have exceptions everywhere. Man and woman are the two polarities that are important for the human existence. You need to open your heart and shut the door of brains for a while to improve your relationship with a woman. As a conclusive statement, it is imperative to suggest that it is hard to understand a woman because each woman is a mystery in herself and being in unison with the mystery is the only solution.