When it comes to dressing fashionably everybody looks at what’s in and what’s out of trend. So people you don’t have to look anywhere else for a trendy fashion guide because this article contains everything that you need to know about fashion trends of summer/ spring 2017. Here, I have listed 5 trends that will be DOMINATING THE ENTIRE SEASON OF SUMMER 2017and I have also listed out five trends that YOU HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE TO;


  1. OFF THE SHOULDER TOPS; this style really took 2016 by storm and became popular in no time. Off shoulder style is still kicking by making its place in summer/spring collection of 2017.
  2. FULL STRIPES DRESSES; super stripe dresses in bold, bright, multi-color with a touch of freshness of sea and floral color of the spring season dominated the New York Fashion Week 2017. The combination of bright and bold colors is so awesome that you cannot stop yourself from getting it to your closet.
  3. FLORAL FLORAL EVERYWHWRE; floral voluminous dresses with full sleeves are rocking the garden party, beach, and college look. The floral look is soothing for eyes and has feminine touch to it which comes in long down skirts, jumpsuits is really a worth- buying.
  4. BRA TOPS; girls it’s time to move over crop tops because bra tops have taken the idea of ‘top’ to another level. Bra tops with a lingerie touch to it is redefining ample confidence and would look really rocking with floral full skirts, cropped Jeans, hot pants. Alexander Wang, Tory Burch, and Oscar de la Renta have given special preference to Bra tops over other clothing in this year’s NYFW SPRING 2017.
  5. EVERY POSSIBLE SHADE OF BLUE AND NEON; well the bright colors for the spring 2017 is really dominating the fashion world this season. Every possible shades of blue color have brought some freshness and newness to this season. Those who are fed up with white and black have this amazing and aesthetically gorgeous new option for this season. While blue has dominated the color world, neon will be dominating the fabric world for this summer. Fashion giants like, DKNY, 3.1 Phillip Lim has opted this pattern for day look while other big fashion names such Delpozo, Jason Wu opted this for night look. You can wear neon for both day and night this season.


  1. CORSET DRESSES; while corset dominated the previous season but it wont be of much effect in spring 2017.
  2. SWEET ROMANTIC LOOK; the sweet romantic look has been modified and modernized by making it more confortable to wear with strong corsetry touch to it.
  3. SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LONG HEELS; yes, it may sound disheartening to you but according to this new season, heels of 4 to 5 inches of height has reduced in demand because fashion is more about making oneself comfortable and confident in their own skin. So women globally are ditching those high heels and shifting towards comfort which they find in sneakers and low heels.
  4. SKINNY JEANS; though skinny jeans have ruled for much longer time but this time there is a change in the world of denim as there is an anticipatory shift to contrast denim styles in vintage silhouettes.