Women Empowerment ensures that women must have the social, political, and economic equality as that of men. Right after the Independence, women in India acquired the fundamental rights equivalent to that of men. Still, the condition of women in our country is in a sorry state. The exploitation, violence, and gender discrimination that women suffer at various junctures are beyond explanation. We can see the traces of male domination from the hinterland of the country to the office of a multinational company in the capital city. In this patriarchal society, a woman struggles to even have a say in the decisions regarding their life.

According to the facts and figures, every year in the board exam results girls score better marks compared to boys. Still, there is a huge gender difference in the literacy rate in India. Women in India are still fighting for equal pay as that of men in the workplace. They struggle to avail learning opportunities, promotions, and benefits due to the gender discrimination at the offices.

The rate of crime and violence against women is increasing in India at a higher rate. Every other day we read the news of rapes, honor killings, and sexual harassment against the women in public places, at the office or even at homes. Female infanticide and female foeticide are the matter of huge concern in our society. Women make up for 50% of the world population, but there is a huge difference in sex ratio in most of the states in India. India is considered a male dominated society where even in the 21st century many women do not have the freedom to take their important decisions regarding education, job, marriages, etc.

All the discrimination and unfavorable situations that women face in their daily lives show the strong need for their empowerment. The promotion of gender equality in society will let women enjoy the opportunities and decision-making freedom as that of men in all walks of life. Providing education to the women residing even in the remotest areas of the country will make them confident and provide a sense of independence. It will also help in decreasing the rate of domestic violence against women as education will help them in recognizing their social rights. Better employment opportunities for women will support them in living a self-sustainable life. An efficient legal system in support of women will contribute to decreasing the child marriage practice, dowry system, heinous crimes and domestic violence against them. Providing reservations for women in various fields related to technology, sports, politics, art, service sector, etc. will give them better opportunities to explore their talent.

For the real empowerment of women people in our society need to broaden their mentality and ideologies towards them. A woman is as much a human as a man and therefore requires all the rights, freedom and social respect equivalent to man to live and survive. Women empowerment not only benefits the women in particular but helps in the overall growth and development of the nation.