The relationship between humans and the environment has become very sensitive over the last few decades. The friendliness is fast changing into a hostile relationship. In this age of industrialization, humans have become insensitive to the environment, damaging it beyond repair. As humans, we are not able to understand that our life is strongly connected to the environment and harming it is tantamount to harming our own existence. Most of us are not even aware of how our daily activities are affecting the environment in a negative way.

Here are some of our daily activities which cause harm to the environment

Leaving the lights on when not in use: It is not just the children but adults too forget to turn off lights while leaving the room or house. We all know we must switch it off to save energy but we overlook it.

What to do? If you are really forgetful about turning the lights off when leaving the room, make sticky notes and paste them near the light switches so that not only you but other family members also remember to switch the lights off.

Boiling water in the kettle: Many people boil more than required water in a kettle and even boil it too much which wastes power as boiling in a kettle consumes a lot of energy and hence it is also a waste of money.

What to do? First, you can buy energy efficient kettle and kettles that measure the amount of water needed to boil for a pot or mug of tea.

Commuting: Our means of travel have a huge effect on the environment. We hardly think of car pool even when it’s possible, we seldom think of not using our car once or twice a week and use the metro train or walk down to nearby places. Even increasing speed limit decreases fuel efficiency.

What to do? Adopt the habit of car pooling. It saves fuel as well as energy and of course, creates less pollution. It’s ok to walk down to nearby places as it will only benefit your health.

Wasting Paper: This is so common and almost above 90% people do this. We never hesitate throwing papers which otherwise can be reused. We still want our phone bill on paper even when it can be received through email. How many of us really make sure we and our kids don’t waste paper? Hardly a handful of us isn’t it.

What to do? Make all the efforts to not use paper where you can actually avoid using it. Make sure your kids don’t waste paper. Read handy guides on reducing paper wastage.

Leaving the water running: A lot of water is wasted by us, our family members and helpers while brushing teeth, kitchen dishes and clothes.

What to do? Turn the tap off when you don’t require water while brushing your teeth. It looks a small water saving but it makes a lot of difference.

There are many more activities of humans which cause harm to the environment but there are many more solutions to reducing such activities only if we want to. Let’s bring small changes in our daily activities to do our bit for the environment. After all, if our environment remains healthy, we remain healthy.