Over the past few years, human actions have severely affected the water bodies on the Earth. The factories and industries dump their harmful chemical waste, agricultural waste, plastic, oils, etc. into the oceans that create an unhealthy environment for the marine creatures leading to their death in many cases. This harmful wastage and garbage pollutes the water of the sea and interferes with the life cycle of various marine creatures. There are different ways in which the ocean water gets polluted and affect the marine organisms.

Waste and Toxic Chemicals Affects the Food Chain and Temperature

Various agricultural and industrial wastes are directly discharged into the oceans that contribute to the ocean pollution. The dumping of toxic material has hazardous effects on the marine life. The marine animals such as fish feed on these chemicals and get contaminated. When humans eat those contaminated fish, it may lead to various diseases like cancer, reproductive problems, etc. The chemicals also raise the temperature of the oceans in which the marine animals and plants cannot survive and eventually die.

Reduction in Oxygen Level Due To Sewage

Sewage and other polluting substances flow through rivers and drainages directly into the oceans and contaminate the water. The release of chemicals through the sewage leads to the reduction in the oxygen level of the ocean. The deficiency of oxygen becomes the reason of the decaying of plants and animals death.

Harsh Effects of the Oil Spill

The oil spill is one of the most devastating reasons for the ocean pollution. Every year huge amount of oil is dumped into the ocean, which is hard to clean up and lasts for years in the water bodies. This oil sticks to the fur or feather of animals and birds due to which they could not fly or move properly, eat, or maintain their body temperature. Oil spills have long-term side-effects on fish and shellfish such as organ damage, respiration problem, reproduction issues, etc. The oil collects on the surface of the water and blocks the sunlight that prevents marine plants from using natural light for the process of photosynthesis. When the coral reef comes in the contact of oil, it can kill them or affect their reproduction, growth or development.

Blocks the Digestive System of Marine Animals

Trash items and debris such as plastic bags, soda cans, etc. get directly dumped into the ocean or through rain water. Marine birds and animals misunderstand the plastic items as food and feed on them which clogs their digestive system and causes a slow yet painful death. Marine plants get choked by the trash or debris and die.

Effect of Deep Sea Mining

Deep Sea Mining is a mineral retrieval process that occurs on the ocean floor. It creates sulfide deposits and causes damage up to a thousand meters down the ocean and increases the toxicity of the region. This damage causes corrosion, leaking and oil spills that have harsh effects on both marine animals and plants.

Knowing about the harsh effects of dumping wastage and chemicals in the ocean creates a worrisome situation. We need to contribute in keeping the water bodies clean and safe to protect the marine creatures.