The most difficult step before attending a party or a function is the selection of a gift to present. We can’t be sure about other’s choice, and if we proceed without giving it a thought, our gift might be biting the dust in a corner. As a host sometime we also feel that we have received a lot of unusable items as a gift. In present day scenario, smart people are adopting the idea of green gifting. Green gifting is the new trend of offering eco-friendly gifts or the gift that has a lower impact on the environment. It includes re-gifting, using recycled wrapping paper, or giving a pass or membership of the local zoo, etc. These gifts not only surprise the receiver but also help in creating awareness about the environment. Green gifting is the best way of wishing for any occasion, and the reasons are as follows.

It Is a Sustainable Gift

No matter how expensive item you gift, it will be disposed of one day and will disturb our environment in a way or another. On the contrary, a green gift will stay with the receiver for a considerably long period causing minimal impact to our ecology. The best part is that you can see your gift every time you visit your friend.

It Supports the Environmental Cause

So you don’t think about the environment at all then why do you complain about the bad air condition? We all want healthy living conditions for ourselves without making any efforts on our own. A green gift will indicate your concern towards the environment and will inspire others to take steps like these.

It’s An Inexpensive Yet a Meaningful Gift

Sometimes we can’t afford expensive gifts to impress our host. But who said only the expensive gift could bring a smile on the face of the host. For example, a handmade gift will secure its place in the memories of your friend. From food items like cookies to decorative items like origami ornaments, you have a lot of options to choose from a wide range of handmade gifts.

Re-Gifting Saves Your Time and Money As Well

Sometimes you receive gifts that are not of your interest. For instance, a non-fictional book will find no place on the bookshelf of a fiction reader. So it’s better to re-gift it in a recycle wrapping paper to someone who has an orientation towards non-fictional stuff. Although people don’t appreciate re-gifting ideas, the gift you’ll never use, or you are already having are worth re-gifting without any guilt. The additional benefit is that re-gifting saves your precious time and money.

We take a lot from our nature, but we seldom offer anything in return. Green gifting is an intelligent idea where we can offer innovative items like a movie ticket, a handmade folder, etc. that causes the least impact on our environment. We need to fight with our consumerist brain and have to understand that we can express our love without buying expensive gifts. Our small steps can create awareness and bring happiness to the faces of our friends.