In the democracy driven system all over the world, the political leaders are doing every bit to look better than their opponent. Sharp orating skills and direct to heart appeal are not enough to interest the people. Leaders are now trying a little harder to appear as a mass appealing personality. They are paying special attention to their physical attributes that also plays a significant role in creating a persuading image. Height is one of the prominent physical attributes that not only enhances the self-confidence but also poses a leader as a dependable and dedicated individual.

According to a study conducted by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the researchers found that human height is positively related to interpersonal dominance and may contribute to the widely observed positive association between height and social status. The majority of powerful Democratic leaders of the world are surprisingly tall, including Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, etc. The contemporary leaders have understood this very psyche, and now they are trying to appear taller by using heeled shoes.

From senators to the Russian president, all the present-day mass leaders are trying to increase their height by wearing heeled shoes on their public appearance. It is being speculated in political circles that Canadian President, Mr Justin Trudeau used the heeled shoe technique to maintain an eye-level contact with a 6’3’’ tall American President, Donald Trump in a recent meeting at the White House. In a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin used the heeled shoes to pose himself as an influential mass leader.

The Florida senator Marco Rubio has also employed the same technique to appear a bit taller than his actual height. He was mocked for his heeled shoe choice and stopped his campaign in March last year when he lost Florida.

So, if you want to gain that extra confidence while dealing with people opt for these heeled shoes to put your best forward.