Social Media is the magic wand of the 21st century. It has become a part of our everyday life that we follow religiously to keep updated about the world’s happenings. From political to scientific news, sports to entertainment update, and economical to fashion changes, everything is available in the world of social media. Even the social media has taken traditional journalism under its broad wings. With the advent of social media, journalism has taken the back seat and is not the primary source of information anymore.

Social media is the best platform to disperse the news in the quickest way possible catering to a wide range of audience. Even the live incidents or breaking news is available to people within a click, all by the grace of social media presence. With its omnipresence, anyone can communicate any news or incident is happening anywhere in the world. Social media gives the power of self-journalism to every individual connected to it in a way or another. Not only delivering the information, but it is also helping in fulfilling several social causes to create a better environment for the population of the country. But the question arises can we trust every news that social media delivers to be correct and truthful?

According to the sources, it has been found that sometimes the breaking news that people received through online sources turned out to be false. At times, the crucial facts were missing, or the information was found to be inaccurate. Different websites twist the headlines just to create a sensation in the internet world. However, the false or inaccurate news is rarely an issue with traditional journalism. In the world of journalism, newsmakers always check the facts related to the news before publishing it in the newspapers. They maintain the integrity of the information and hardly compromise with the news for the sake of selling it. Journalists always follow the well-planned procedure to get the information and reporting it on the big platforms of new channels.

Now the confusion is should we entirely rely on the social media for getting our bit of information? So the solution is you can take your share of information from online sources, but don’t forget to verify it from reliable resources before spreading it further. In fact, social media is proving to be quite useful in the development of traditional journalism. It is providing journalists different ways to spread information. The amalgamation of social media and traditional journalism can progress the way news is delivered and verified. We hope together these two will create a vast web of relevant and trusted information.