Our sense of dressing reflects our thoughts and sometimes they unconsciously send a message to the people we meet. Not just the style but the color of our dresses conveys a lot about us. Each color has its connotations, and when you are wearing them, they convey a message about your personality. Whether it’s an important client meeting, a session in the boardroom, your first day in a new office or your interview day, the color of your attire plays a significant role in the non-verbal communication that happens between the two people.

Faber Birren was a scholar who propounded several theories about colors and their effects on human perceptions. In one of his theories, Faber Birren suggested that color plays a major role in perception forming. It is evident in his research that colors leave an impact on our subconscious mind. In the cut-throat competition of the present global market, each employee in the company is trying to put the best effort forward for the personal and organisational growth. If each color indicates a feeling, then what color should we wear to portray ourselves as a leader in a boardroom meeting, a responsible service provider in a client meeting, and as the best candidate for an interview?

Well, a myriad of studies suggests that wearing white leaves a positive impression on the people around us. This color symbolises goodness, simplicity, and precision. The color white has a positive connotation as it suggests fairness and neutrality because of the equilibrium of all the colors contained within it. In Christian tradition, brides wear white in a wedding ceremony as a sign of the beginning of a marital life. The medical institution has also embraced the color white as the symbol of cleanliness, efficiency and assurance.

Having faith in white color can give a little extra edge during the vital dialogues at a particular juncture in the path of your career growth. There are days in your professional life where you have to present your knowledge, confidence and compatibility in a meeting or a presentation. As they say, your first impression is the last impression, so you take all the care to look perfect and confident. A white shirt can add a little to your overall persona just like a pinch of salt enhances the taste of food. This color will present you as a confident personality, and your verbal skills will do the rest of the work. The chances of favourable results increase manifoldswhen your overall performance matches with the first impression.

Well, the white attire alone will not be able to do wonders, but if added with strongpreparation; it can give you a little edge over others. A white-clad executive will look more welcoming regarding accepting thoughts in a conversation and will also seem like a person who is ready to welcome new challenges and ideas.