Expensive customizing of formal attire has been in trends for a long time. It’s the way you look a class apart from the rest of the crowd. Gold plating became old-fashioned; now people are asking for 18k gold in their dresses. This new option has many takers in Australia. When it comes to the customized, tailored suit, ‘The Bespoke Corner’ is the only name that comes to the mind of elegant clients of Australia. With their innovative, customized tailoring, ‘The bespoke Corner’ has grown rapidly in just four years. According to GQ, it is the best-personalized tailoring service in Australia. In the latest venture, ‘The Bespoke Corner’ has launched the “Gold Bar Suit.”

The Bespoke Corner’s made to measure suiting comes in two categories, i.e. Blue label and White label. The final price is based on the fabric cost and all the other options like lapels, buttons, lining, pockets, and final alteration is complimentary.  The price of a perfectly crafted suit in the blue label category starts with $950 for two pieces. On the other hand, the luxurious white label range is made in Italy, and the price starts from $2250. Well, after the inclusion of accessories, the price can increasefurther.

The latest addition to their customization feature is a solid gold bar. The 18k accessories will be stitched on the breast pocket of a bespoke corner suit. To buy this expensive attire, you will have to pay $5000 for this gold bar. The clients can transfer the accessories to another jacket for free in five different attires. Miles Wharton, the founder of ‘The Bespoke Corner,’ started the tailoring business in 2012 aiming to offer the best tailoring service in Australia. Miles is also the founder of Men’s fashion blogger. In an interview with GQ, he said that customers are always looking to stand out from the crowd and what better way to do this than adding a gold bar to your suit. He revealed that the idea came from one of their Dubai based clients, who wanted to make a statement at a black tie event. Miles added that they are always looking to improve design options for suits and thought that stepping into the precious metals was a market that hasn’t been done in the Australian tailoring industry yet.

To maintain the exclusivity of the Gold Bar suit, ‘The Bespoke Corner’ has only 25 suits for purchase, and they have already sold two suits as of now. The first suit was sold to a Dubai-based client who wanted to stand out in a black tie charity event. Miles Wharton is considering adding the golden threads stitching to the garment. Well, if you own a business or maybe working in an influential position than standing apart from the crowd should be the way of your social representation. For all those who can afford it, we would like to suggest hurrying up. For all those looking for the golden thread stitching, have to wait for a while. The Bespoke Corner will offer you some new golden options that fit your budget.