What is the first thing that you notice about yourself when you catch the first glimpse of your body in the mirror? In all probability, it is something you don’t like or are not comfortable with- your flaws!

At some point or the other, we do often think about what we wish to change in our appearance which is ok but getting obsessed with something can be dangerous. Feeding negative thoughts about our body to our mind is no less than a disease. Our mind accepts whatever we feed it with, so why not feed it with good thoughts and feelings. It is the greatest tool in the world. We need to use this tool to accomplish our goals rather than letting this tool use us.

Here are some tips to train your mind to love your body

Be positive

Make sure when you look in the mirror or at pictures; make a conscious effort to look at the things you love about yourself. Hold on there and praise yourself for those good things.

Accept yourself

If you will not love yourself, who will? If you will not accept yourself the way you are who will? First, accept yourself and tell yourself again and again that you are wonderful.

Look at your overall personality

It is not just your body shape or those small eyes which define you as a person. Do not look at yourself as a bunch of parts and do not think about what you want to change.

Appreciate yourself

Appreciate yourself every day not just in thoughts but in feelings too. The more you do it, the more you can train your mind to think in a positive direction about the body.

Make a choice

Make that choice of not getting bogged down by negative thoughts; rather choose to move forward with a happy and positive thought about your body.

Amaze yourself

Indulge in something new, a new hobby or something you always wanted to pursue and amaze yourself by doing it to the best of your ability. It is not important how you look like; rather what is important is what you can do.

Never compare

The comparison is a disease, which voraciously eats on your happiness and peace. No two people are alike, and they are not even meant to be alike. Each one is unique just the way an apple has its own qualities and an orange has its own fragrance.

Remember it takes time to train your mind

Do not worry if those negative thoughts secretly race through your mind even after your several days of dedicated efforts of thinking and feeling good about your body. It is ok; it takes the time to change our thoughts and feelings. Just continue doing what you must be doing. Keep practicing, and for sure you will see the desired results. Be compassionate and patient with yourself.

Be Grateful

Be grateful to God for giving you life and a body. Gratitude brings good fortune. Practice gratitude every day, and in no time your mind will get impregnated with the thoughts and feelings of gratitude.

Practice these tips consistently. Practice them with a lot of gratitude towards God or Universe to see the magic when your mind will be trained to fall in love with your body!